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Hate It Or Love It, Xbox One Is Still A Great Console

/ Aug 25th, 2013 44 Comments

ps4 outsells xbox one in march

The Xbox One is not as bad as people are making it out to be. In fact, one might even go as far as saying that it is a very innovative console that is great for the next generation of console gaming. When a console as great and as sexy as Sony’s PlayStation 4 is presented in such an empathetic manner and for such a reasonable price it is easy to find ways to criticize and overlook Microsoft’s Xbox One.

What makes the Xbox One a great console is the many features available to those that choose to join the Xbox community. Now that Microsoft has actually gone public with exclusive games and real-time gameplay, partnerships with the NFL to bring football and unique camera angles to the home of Xbox owners sounds pretty legit. The NFL is just one of a number of partners committed to bringing a fantastic outlet to their services exclusive to the Xbox community. The fact that Xbox One utilizes and connects with most cable providers brings a new feeling of connectivity, and the expanded use of the Kinect is as close to Minority Report as Microsoft could safely get; in a good way.

The constant chatter about privacy issues are totally unwarranted. Microsoft, nor Sony or Apple, have any reason to spy on consumers in their home, and have been committed to the privacy of their customers, over the years. Yes, in a conspirators world, with all of Microsoft’s partnerships, maybe they have a secret partnership with the governments around the world in an attempt to spy on their civilians. Big Brother is totally watching families via the power of Xbox One. All sarcasm aside, that is ridiculous. If the government wants to spy, they are doing it already, but Microsoft has no reason to spy on gamers and their families. Xbox One is simply a device that uses the new always-online Kinect as a way to expand accessibility and convenience for the consumer. With Kinect always listening, a command can be given at any time, allowing multitasking and hands-free use.

Xbox One with Kinect

Xbox One with Kinect

The previously stated hands free use and accessibility also expands the world of gaming. With the Kinect 2.0, families can give commands with the system recognizing individual voices. The lack of this ability was a problem on Xbox 360 because the Kinect allowed friends to freely troll and interfere with what the owner, or active player, was trying to do on the console. Kinect won’t be required in the play of all games, but the new updated device will allow for developers to implement the accessory into mainstream games more regularly and fluidly; from a simple “pause” command to interactive gameplay.

Revealing an arsenal of exclusive titles, and a spew of titles that will appear on two of the three major home consoles, Xbox One will offer gamers an extraordinary gaming experience, along with innovative and unique connectivity perks that are exclusive to Xbox. Digital Rights Management, mandatory online connection, and a $500 price tag is easy to complain about, but really, it’s much ado about nothing.

Chad Whitney

Chad Whitney

Social Media Maven and Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Chad is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated. A part of the Editorial team, The Chad has also dabbled in Reviews and Previews. The Chad has been a gamer since he became conscious of life. He has stated on more than one occasion that The Chad doesn't wear aluminum foil on his head, thus he is vulnerable to having his mind read. Mind reading can be a strain though, so FOLLOW The Chad @ChadNorris1390 on TWITTER.
Chad Whitney
Chad Whitney

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