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Hate It Or Love It, Xbox One Is Still A Great Console

/ Aug 25th, 2013 44 Comments

ps4 outsells xbox one in march

The Xbox One is not as bad as people are making it out to be. In fact, one might even go as far as saying that it is a very innovative console that is great for the next generation of console gaming. When a console as great and as sexy as Sony’s PlayStation 4 is presented in such an empathetic manner and for such a reasonable price it is easy to find ways to criticize and overlook Microsoft’s Xbox One.

What makes the Xbox One a great console is the many features available to those that choose to join the Xbox community. Now that Microsoft has actually gone public with exclusive games and real-time gameplay, partnerships with the NFL to bring football and unique camera angles to the home of Xbox owners sounds pretty legit. The NFL is just one of a number of partners committed to bringing a fantastic outlet to their services exclusive to the Xbox community. The fact that Xbox One utilizes and connects with most cable providers brings a new feeling of connectivity, and the expanded use of the Kinect is as close to Minority Report as Microsoft could safely get; in a good way.

The constant chatter about privacy issues are totally unwarranted. Microsoft, nor Sony or Apple, have any reason to spy on consumers in their home, and have been committed to the privacy of their customers, over the years. Yes, in a conspirators world, with all of Microsoft’s partnerships, maybe they have a secret partnership with the governments around the world in an attempt to spy on their civilians. Big Brother is totally watching families via the power of Xbox One. All sarcasm aside, that is ridiculous. If the government wants to spy, they are doing it already, but Microsoft has no reason to spy on gamers and their families. Xbox One is simply a device that uses the new always-online Kinect as a way to expand accessibility and convenience for the consumer. With Kinect always listening, a command can be given at any time, allowing multitasking and hands-free use.

Xbox One with Kinect

Xbox One with Kinect

The previously stated hands free use and accessibility also expands the world of gaming. With the Kinect 2.0, families can give commands with the system recognizing individual voices. The lack of this ability was a problem on Xbox 360 because the Kinect allowed friends to freely troll and interfere with what the owner, or active player, was trying to do on the console. Kinect won’t be required in the play of all games, but the new updated device will allow for developers to implement the accessory into mainstream games more regularly and fluidly; from a simple “pause” command to interactive gameplay.

Revealing an arsenal of exclusive titles, and a spew of titles that will appear on two of the three major home consoles, Xbox One will offer gamers an extraordinary gaming experience, along with innovative and unique connectivity perks that are exclusive to Xbox. Digital Rights Management, mandatory online connection, and a $500 price tag is easy to complain about, but really, it’s much ado about nothing.

Chad Whitney

Chad Whitney

Social Media Maven and Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Chad is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated. A part of the Editorial team, The Chad has also dabbled in Reviews and Previews. The Chad has been a gamer since he became conscious of life. He has stated on more than one occasion that The Chad doesn't wear aluminum foil on his head, thus he is vulnerable to having his mind read. Mind reading can be a strain though, so FOLLOW The Chad @ChadNorris1390 on TWITTER.
Chad Whitney
Chad Whitney

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  • Zohak Diaz

    Xbox is the best console. . . I can’t wait to have this on my living room. Best titles best features. Sony trolls are just jealous we got the best games. They are getting a bunch of indies.

    • quinten488

      An indie game “Journey” scored higher than most Xbox games lol, got Game of the Year awards too. you’re an idiot for trying to downplay indies.

      • blahblah123

        You do realize that most people dont review it because they never bought it after looking at it. For most gamers this is not a “game.” In other words, the review is extremely biased towards a very small number of people who enjoy that very specific type of art and as you might already know, art is to the eye of beholder (in other words one mans art is another mans garbage). If everyone played Journey it would be a 3/10 because most people would have hated it and would have felt very ripped off. I certainly would never pay for such a game. In fact I wouldnt have played it even if you gave it to me for free because it would bore me to tears.

        • quinten488

          No biased reviews, fastest sellling game on PSN ever. Millions have played it, no small group. Game has gotten more award than AAA titles. But you haven’t played it so your opinion is biased.

    • Daniel Batten

      Yeah thats not opinionated at all, are you sure Microsoft care as much for you as you do them?

    • BWest


  • Zohak Diaz

    My family can’t wait for the xb1

    • Chad Whitney

      Will your family be gettin multiple consoles or just the XB1?

  • spideynut71

    I’ll have both X1 and PS4 day-1, but I’m glad at least my XBOX

    • Chad Whitney

      I see what you are saying, but over the past few month, modification made to the PS3 have been in an effort to smooth the transition to PS4. The PS3 was a late bloomer, and Sony is simply building off of the success of the PS3. PS4 will feature many new things that simply make the Sony gaming experience better. By that definition, the Wii U is exactly what people didn’t want lol

      • spideynut71

        The Wii U definitely fits that description….except it still has one foot stuck in last gen, and won’t be relevant once the “real” next gen begins.

  • datdude

    The xbone is a great console, it just isn’t as powerful as the PS4, and
    Sony’s first party developers are hands down the best in the industry.
    Those are the facts. People who buy the Xbone will enjoy it, and enjoy
    some interesting exclusives no doubt. Those same people will probably
    miss out on many “games of the generation” that will occur only on PS4,
    however, much like they will have missed out on similar type games this
    gen on the PS3. Again, just the facts.

    • Blaze Blue

      You are worried about power and yet you don’t have a control what can be done with it. The games are going to be the same and let me add that the power that you are talking about half of that power is going to be utilized for PS OS.

      • Chad Whitney

        Most of the games that Sony introduced to the PS4 have been new. Not once have we seen Kratos, Nathan Drake, or SackBoy, while Microsoft has confirmed that they will continue to milk Halo, the partnerships with Call of (Same-Old,Same-old) Duty is back, and oh yeah, you can skype and connect to your cable provider. Why is Microsoft charging more for cheaper parts? The PS3 had more power than the 360, but had far fewer overheating problems. Playing Devil’s Advocate, but assuming you are right about where the PS4 will use most of it’s power, is it necessarily a bad thing if it benefits the systems lifespan without hindering the quality of graphics and gameplay?

        • blahblah123

          I think that we have proven without a doubt that the PS3 was not as powerful as the 360. Just look at the games and frame rates. Its a no brainer. The PS3 was all hype and never lived up to your statement. Many cross platformers proved it even after patches and much optimization.

          • datdude

            Oh, the poor, confused sheep. You have to pity them. Microsoft has their hooks so deep in these suckers they can’t tell up from down anymore. Poor bastards.

        • Blaze Blue

          For real? Over 5 god of war’s, over 5 Uncharted , well over 5 Killlzone’s and all of them are either on PS , PSP ,and mobile

          just because Sony didn’t name them don’t mean anything you better believe that they are coming and they did mention killzone god knows what number that is on, don’t get me started because I can also talk about infamous and ratchet and clank. Do I need to say more. You should have not said anything.

  • Alexander Hamilton

    I’m not sure who will be best, and all complaining should be put aside by everyone until the devices are available to testers and reviewers. Both will bring something unique, and honestly, does anyone really want a monopoly in the gaming industry. I will also point out that, for the American consumer, it can never really be bad when an American company is involved with the gaming industry. Why would you want Microsoft to not release the Xbox One? So let’s put the pettiness aside and just have fun!

    • Chad Whitney

      While I do consider myself a Sony fanboy, I do completely agree with you. I feel that Microsoft does not offer the experience that I prefer, but they offer a very good service from an American company. After reading your comment I am curious, are you for or against Wii U?

    • Daniel Batten

      You obviously dont understand though, its not about hating on the console itself or the specs. Its about Microsoft and their shady tactics in the industry, how they continually set the industry back with one hand but only show you the hand that gives. I do think Sony is better for games in general than Microsoft is and thats why (since Im a “PC elitist”) I would give my money to Sony over Microsoft, it actually has NADA to do with the consoles themselves because lets face it, games can be made and played on any platform.

  • BrianC6234

    The Xbone isn’t a great console. It’s garbage. Even Microsoft has admitted that with all of their 180’s. It would be foolish to buy one.

    • Blaze Blue

      Ps4 is a waste of money 400 dollars of just gaming, oh yeah and blue ray.Xbox one is a all in one package. All and all I can’t be mad at ps4 for being a gaming machine.

      • Chad Whitney

        But is a game system worth $500 when a person most likely has ample other devices that do the same thing? (tablet, iDevices, computers, smart tvs, etc)

    • Chad Whitney

      I’m not really sure Microsoft would blatantly make a statement like that. That is horrible for sales. But I am curious. Could you provide me with a link to confirm?

      • Don

        Lets not forget, the Kinect isn’t just for controlling games. It controls the Xbox One, allowing you to do things that you have to use menus for on the PS4. Using menus is like a load screen. A waste of time and and an old way of doing things.

        • Daniel Batten

          Voice commands are nothing new, virtually any phone can do it and you know alot of people dont use it because its not as useful as it seems. Its more of a gimmick when, if it actually works (just dont get a cold).

          • Don

            If I were you I would do a serch for voice reconistion. It has been around for some time and will be in more and more machines as it gets better. It isn’t going away as a fad. Heck they are trying it in fighter aircraft like the f-16.

          • Daniel Batten

            True but that is the privacy of a cockpit, I could see where it might be useful in vehicles so you can keep your concentration on other things as for out on the street in every day life. Its about as private as showing everyone your dirty business in 12″ HD.

          • Don

            Hi Dan,
            May be you don’t have an Xbox 360, but you can turn off sending info to MS if you choose. If you do, it doesn’t affect the Kinect’s function. There are privacy safeguards built into the UI so you don’t have to worry about your secrets. You should be way more concerned with your email and cell phone use. Are you giving those up? lol ; )

          • Daniel Batten

            I was talking in terms of real world practical applications for the technology.

          • Don

            I don’t understand. what does ” Its about as private as showing everyone your dirty business in 12″ HD.” mean?

          • Daniel Batten

            Youre trying to convince me that voice recognition is the future where Im saying it really isnt because there are huge privacy concerns with controlling electronic appliances with your voice vs your hands. I brought up the fact that tablets are not very private on say public transport and you can hardly wave your arms around and use a kinect there. For the privacy of your own home in the lounge sure it works as a toy but it wont ever be serious.

            If you want a serious future consumer grade user interface put your research efforts into non-invasive neural interfaces and VR headsets. The lounge is about to change and it wont be the consoles that’ll do it because of their closed specs and limited peripherals.

            Theyre experimenting with suits for pilots that send electric charges to their body so they know during red or black out which way is down, thats useful real world application not just gimmick, cool!

          • Don

            Privacy concerns from using your voice. Really? Maybe if you blurt out passwords or other private info. I don’t think saying “contacts” or “call Bob Smith” is going to be a problem. Also, I don’t see an xbox being portable enough to be used on public transportation. As far as it being a toy, A google search will answer that.
            I agree that we will see interfaces like Google Glass or some form of those things. But how do you think we will control them in the near future? With our voice. I get what your saying about using our minds to control devises but that isn’t in the near future. It’s going to have to be our voice that gets it done first.

          • Daniel Batten

            Well I guess my over-arching point is that consoles arnt that great and they are overrated! Thats not to say they arnt a good product for some people but I think mobile gaming growth has shown its not the only market and the interoperability between mobile and PC cant be touched by current or next gen consoles. If you say xbox one is a great console you have to really wonder where consoles lay in the grand scheme of things.

            With ultra books, tablets and mobiles the world is fast becoming portable devices and consoles filling that, kinda portable gap (kinect raising minimum space/portability requirements) still causes an issue moving forwards. Thats not to mention the fact in glory mode consoles are always shown powering these huge expensive displays. VR Headsets have the possibility to come in under the price of an expensive HD 3D display, to be fair the kinect will still work without a monitor but any generic microphone can do voice recognition and theres alot of software companies offering solutions on a wide range of platforms.

            The xbox of which locks you completely out of those and corners the market unfairly, on android I have choice. Lets face it, consoles did die with the 360 and these new bluechip machines running proprietary OS are wanting to be your media box of choice by connecting seamlessly to things like cable. The thing is PC and linux have always been about modding, this allows those platforms to support newer products faster, with less yellow tape and dont have industry bias because of third party relationships.

  • “They are getting a bunch of indies.”

    It makes me sad that people would still think “indie games = worse games.” This exact mindset is why development costs in the industry has reached an all-time high as of late and it’s become harder for innovation to occur for smaller teams.

    As for the console war, I don’t want to take sides until release of both consoles. Until then, I think it’s only fair.

    • Bill E Weaver

      indies do not showcase or push hardware like aaa title that’s why!

      • Blaze Blue

        I totally agree, now if this was Microsoft it would be a bad thing .

        • Chad Whitney

          That is somewhat false. A large amount of Xbox users play FPS, Fighters, and Sports games. Indie games would have been a welcome addition to Xbox, but it wouldn’t connect to as many Xbox users, thus where the disapproval or lack of interest would come from. More PlayStation users are into Indie games because of the general audience on PlayStation, along with the fact that Indie games have been a huge part of PSN for a while now.

          • Blaze Blue

            Again this time around people would make this sound bad if it was Microsoft

      • Chad Whitney

        Hardware does not determine the quality of a game. Yes, Indie games don’t show off a consoles power or hardware capabilities, but they are games that tend to have ample replay value for a considerably cheaper price. Indie games might very well be the future of the gaming industry. Look at Square Enix. Hitman and Tomb Raider had fantastic totals when it came to sales, but they didn’t see a profit. Indie games, which can be developed first-hand on the PS4, don’t run the same production cost, but still offer hours of fun. AAA titles will always be the sexy, more advertised of the games, however.

  • Gezer2u

    Why do people dislike Microsoft for changing things? They listened to you and did what you asked at the expense of their vision and making them look bad. I just don’t get it. Sony never announces anything. They just now showed us the UI when Microsoft showed us a complete demo in May. But yet they are the darling of gaming. Lets hate Microsoft. It’s fashionable.

    Anyway, thanks for writing something positive without first listing the missteps of the past.

    • blahblah123

      Sony is far from the darling of anything. It just seems that way because their fans are very loud. Ironically those same fans are the reason why many more people dislike Sony but they dont seem to realize that they are problem. In the end, money spent on games speaks much louder than words. Bottom line, the PS3 was a horrible console for Sony. They made less money than everyone in the console business the last 10 years. It took them almost 5 years just to break even and their mother company is on the verge of collapse and was almost torn apart by investors (which actually boosted its share price else it would still be 50% less). They are not pro-developer nor were they ever pro-developer until Microsoft and Nintendo slammed them back to stone age last gen. On top of that Sony are the masters of hype with no results. Recall that back when they were successful, they didn’t hype nearly as much as they do now and since the hype machine took off, their numbers declined and everything they do in gaming seems to fail. Remember the hype on the PSP? How about the Vita? Then the PS3 hype? Remember how they said that people will get a second job just to buy a PS3? Bottom line shows they and their fans were not just wrong, they are wrong about the popularity as well. Sony is only famous in their own minds.

      Note I dont care about any of these companies. They are all out for themselves. But Sony fans need to get over themselves as should all fan boy/girls. These companies are not your friend. They will never be your friend. They dont care about you and they never will. The only time they show humility is when they are desperate. Sega did the same thing before they went under as did many game devs. The last casualty to humble themselves was THQ… in fact they are the inventors of the now popular “Humble Bundle.”

    • Daniel Batten

      Microsoft isnt changing a thing, they are buying their seat as always! If they wanted to change something they woulda ditched Live Games for Xbox On Windows and made games that actually work. Microsoft havent been about gaming since they abandoned PC, they are fighting a losing battle and are betting on cable to actually bring them some profit.

  • Axe99

    No two ways about it. Both consoles look and will be great. The only issue Microsoft has is that they’re selling weaker hardware for a higher price, largely because they’re forcing a niche controller (Kinect) on the whole audience. It’d be like Sony only releasing a $500 SKU with a bundled wheel for GT, and then wondering why all the people that didn’t like driving games were dark about it ;). I will get an XB1, but I’ll only get one when there’s a bundle without Kinect (yes, MS have said it will never happen, but at this stage MS saying something will never happen doesn’t mean a whole lot ;)) – my gaming setup is pretty much completely Kinect-unfriendly (headphones only to eliminate peripheral noise – so voice control is pointless as it makes noise I’m trying to avoid, and in a recliner and not looking for motion gaming at the moment).

    Don’t get me wrong – other than the ‘Kinect tax’, the XB1 looks great, Titanfall looks awesome (although the XB1 will be stronger when their headline title is an actual, rather than timed exclusive) and I’m eager to see what Black Tusk is putting together. Gamers will have a good time on either. However, because of the price difference, it’s hard to recommend the XB1 over the PS4 unless someone’s into motion gaming, or can’t get past the exclusive arcade shooters/racers on the system.

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