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Harry Potter Kinect Announced

/ May 25th, 2012 No Comments

Harry Potter Kinect

Harry Potter Kinect

Harry Potter Kinect

Harry Potter Kinect is a new game in development, announced on May 25th by developer Eurocom who stated the game will be out this autumn. Harry Potter for Kinect will be the next tie-in to the blockbuster series. From the same developer that brought us Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, Eurocom is working with Warner Bros on this title. Harry Potter for Kinect is going to span the entire saga for the Harry Potter universe. The big difference from past titles like the Harry Potter Lego series is that this game is going to be leveraging the use of the Kinect device for Xbox 360. Players will be using their hands and legs to do everything from picking your wands and wizard hats, to fighting off the dark forces lead by Lord Voldemort.

Samantha Ryan, executive from Warner Bros. stated “Harry Potter for Kinect will engage Harry Potter fans old and new by bringing them into the wizarding world as truly active participants.” Families are going to be able to fly there broomsticks in a Quidditch match and reenact all their favorite memories from the books and movies. You are going to be able to battle those pesky pixies in the Harry Potter World. In addition to that, gamers are going to be able to battle other wizards in Harry Potter Kinect, but it’ll be up to you if those wizards were friends or family. Harry Potter Kinect is also going to offer various competitive mini-games. There is no telling how many mini-games that it is going to offer at this point as no specific details were released at this time. What we image is that they are going to add a game or two that is going to please those who were also big fans of Star Wars Kinect’s dance mode. If that’s the case, get those dancing shoes on and get ready to prance around this time as a wizard.

With the finale already having come and gone for Harry Potter in both books and movies, everyone thought the games would be done, however, Warner Bros and Eurocom have seemed to keep the story going and still get some buzz going in the video game industry. With the innovation behind Kinect for the series, this game will ideally give new and old fans of this amazing story a new experience. Will Harry Potter for the Kinect fall short of Star Wars? Or will the magical power of the wizards be able to push past and be a bigger success? No one is going to know till until the projected release date sometime this autumn when Harry Potter for the Kinect flies in on its broomsticks for the Xbox 360.

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