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Halo Xbox

/ Nov 15th, 2001 2 Comments

[adsense336itp]The Xbox has arrived and with it comes the eagerly awaited Halo by Bungee software. I got home on launch morning with a shiny Xbox and Halo was it any good? Read on my friends!!

As we all know Halo was developed for the PC but the evil Bill Gates bought out Bungee and got Halo exclusively for Xbox. This wasn’t a great move for us Pc gamers but was a wise move for Bill as he now has a killer app to sell the machine with.

Halo is a beautiful looking game it looks like its running on a high end pc, Metallic textures, Bump mapping, Pixel shaders they are all there making the game look amazing. But does the game play match up to the looks. Well Yes & No the game play is your standard FPS shooter but with a few twists, for the majority of the game you have a squad. Now this doesn’t seem unordinary but the ai of the squad is amazing and they talk to you and to each other constantly providing a sense of realism not seen in fps game until now. One scene on the third level has you being shipped in to a beach head by aircraft, dropped off into the thick of a beach skirmish. There are 40-50 people on screen, aliens and your team battling it out for me it was the highlight of the game. The bad side of the game are the controls they flat out suck. The Xbox controller is a huge cumbersome beast, and I actually have cramp in my thumbs today after a marathon session last night. I am a big PC gamer so fps games never seem to work right on a pad or that might be just me.

The multiplayer is good and bad there is a cooperative mode where you and a friend can play the entire game together which is a great way to experience Halo. Then there are the bad 4 player split screen death matches which slowdown so much I couldn’t be bothered playing after a while.

There is also a lot of level repetition towards the back end of the game which I wont say to much about as it will spoil it. But that said if they say there are 10 levels there actually are not. Some are variations of previous levels which cheapens the flow of the game.

Halo will take you approximately 40 hours to complete, because the ms network isn’t up yet the multiplayer online that was promised will only make it to the PC& Mac versions late next year. This is a severe blow for this title because I think it would be awesome online and probably would push the game to a higher level.

So to summarize Halo is a groundbreaking game for the Xbox and will probably be the game responsible for selling the system. If only they would bring out a mouse and keyboard I would be so much happier!

Will Fairway

Will Fairway

Will Fairway is literally the most exciting and electric person to have ever lived, period.

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2 responses to “Halo Xbox”

  1. Ryan Davis says:

    Ha, this is one of the worst reviews I have ever read. It’s full of grammar and spelling errors (including misspelling the name of the publisher). Almost all of the “facts” are incorrect. Of his two complaints, one is actually about the console’s controller, and not the game itself. The other goes completely unexplained: “the bad 4 player split screen death matches which slowdown so much I couldn’t be bothered playing.” The bad death matches that slowdown too much? What does that even mean?

    • gamingillustrated says:

      Heh. You’re probably right, Ryan. But in all fairness, this article is literally 12 years old. We tend not to go back that far to fix stuff up. Humble beginnings my friend!

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