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Halo 5: When Will it Come Out?

/ Apr 8th, 2013 6 Comments

Halo 5 featured
Halo 5

Halo 5

Halo 4 was a juggernaut success financially and it was critically praised. While the game came out Nov 4 2012, that does not mean people are not wondering when the next installment of the Reclaimer trilogy, Halo 5, will come out. Or at the very least, when will Microsoft announce the next Halo game from 343 Industries? There is the problem, Microsoft has been quiet. Extremely so, whether it is in regards to their next-gen plans or what games they plan to release in the final half of the year.

As such, it is hard to determine that when Halo 5 is announced if it will be an Xbox 360 title or a launch (window) title for the Xbox 720 (or Durango or whatever Microsoft actually calls their next-gen system). If the Xbox 720 is backward compatible, it would make sense to release it on the 360 as it will sell to early adapters and those who are not quite ready to make the leap to a new console. However, Halo 5 could be a title that is released for both systems and the 720 has higher graphically fidelity similar to how PCs run games at different quality settings (which makes sense since the movement of consoles is heading more toward being locked PCs). Likely the wait for E3 play is the safest bet as to when and where Microsoft will release Halo 5. Regardless of where the game shows up, there are certain elements that 343i can keep in the new game that made Halo 4 great and improve upon some of its weaknesses.

[adsense250itp]Story wise, 343i should ensure that the strong character development and presence of Master Chief continues in Halo 5. (Spoilers ahead) One of the key factors that made Halo 4’s story so great was the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana. 343i made it so that the silent protagonist of the past was gone and in his place was someone actively present in what was happening. Cortana was a major part of making that happen and allowed for some character development and depth to occur within Master Chief. Obviously, that is going to be difficult to replicate in Halo 5 since Cortana valiantly sacrificed herself to save Master Chief. Adding in a copy of Cortana or a new AI will not have the same effect and cheapen that moment from 4. There has to be some clever way to keep Master Chief present in the story and events of Halo 5. One way is to explore the grief that he feels over the loss of Cortana. A possible way to do that is have someone from UNSC sensing that Master Chief is on a quest for vengeance and feeling he may be suicidal intervene. They could have someone counseling him. Not entirely new, but a worthwhile angle to explore in an FPS. As for the overarching plot, 343i should avoid simply rehashing what happened in the original Halo trilogy by doing a similar giant battle that happened between the UNSC and the Covenant.

Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack

Red vs Blue, but show me more.

Many reviewers and fans felt the gameplay in Halo 4 was excellent. However, some felt that 343i, fearing backlash if they changed the formula too much, adhered closely to the Bungie model of gameplay. While it is hard to re-invent the FPS genre and trying new things tends to turn off huge fans of the genre (and it is a money making genre, so that is no good). What should happen in Halo 5 is keeping the smart AI enemies, varied and fun weapon selection (adding some new weapons into the mix), but making sure that they move away from the Bungie style of FPS. 343i proved that they can make a good Halo game, but now they should try some new things and experiment with the gameplay. With multiplayer, there is obviously going to be the same structure as that again is a money making model and messing around with it too much will lead to discontent. Playing around with new modes and more interesting and involved maps is always welcomed, but competitive multiplayer will likely stay pretty similar with refinements to balancing. There should be more attempts at significant multiplayer/social experiences in Halo 5, much in the way Spartan Ops fiddled around with interesting episodic co-operative content. Except do more and expand the scope.

Considering Halo 4 was positively received, it is hard to say that Halo 5 needs to re-invent the series. Outside of the fact that all games should push for innovations and new creative avenues, Halo 5 needs to focus on what made Halo 4 work well. The story should focus more on Master Chief as a character that should continue to grow and develop as this trilogy moves forward. Plot wise, the coming conflict should not re-tread how events happened in Bungie’s trilogy and find a new way to explore a universe threatening conflict. Gameplay should see 343i stepping away from the Bungie formula and feel more confident to experiment and put their touch more strongly on the series. And Microsoft should announce something soon even if it is that Bill Gates got a new haircut.


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Kalvin Martinez

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  • Beans

    It would not “make sense to release it on the 360” if they have a new console coming. For one, Halo 4 had to sacrifice many parts of the game simply to get it run on 360 because they were pushing it to its limits. For another, far more important reason, Halo is a first party exclusive and a system seller. The whole point they have these kinds of games is to sell the console. Selling a major exclusive on 360 would cannibalise the sales of their new console.

    • halo 4 did not push the limits of the 360 to the max,just so you know.Crysis 3 looks way better than halo 4 and battlefield 4(xbox 360 and ps3 version) is gonna blow halo 4 out of the water later this year.There’s still so much they can do with the 360….many companies have said they’ve pushed the console to the limits and have not done any such thing

      • Beans

        Halo 4 had more areas to cover than simply graphics. They had to put the multiplayer on a separate disc and still didn’t even have room to fit terminal videos on disc. The game takes up a lot of space, it’s the biggest first party game developed for the console and that’s what counts. They’re not going to waste time trying to optimize another game for an outdated console when they’re trying to push a new one.

  • MLG

    How did you land this job?

  • um they stepped too far away from the original formula to start with and the reason i sold it too…its to much like call of duty now, i dont mind the sprint but custom loadouts ,perks,weapon camos,armor abilities(cough cough Crysis)…multiplayer in that game is practically dead….i remember halo 3 had about 1 million players on all day 3 years after release….343 fucked up multiplayer so bad and if not fixed for halo 5 im buying a ps4 cause halo is the reason i had xbox and its going down hill

    • Kai

      Dude stop smoking catnip.

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