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Halo 5 – Speculation is All We Have

/ Jun 20th, 2013 6 Comments

Halo 5, the second of three games to be released in the Reclaimer Trilogy was officially announced at E3 2013 in Los Angeles. In addition to the announcement, a short trailer was released. The trailer featured a solitary figure garbed in a raggedy cloak, trekking across a barren desert. The hooded man is revealed to be Master Chief who encounters a large, ominous ship/creature reminiscent of Reapers from the Mass Effect games. The trailer leaves much about the plot of Halo 5 open to speculation. What planet is Master Chief on? Who or what is the mechanized menace that is unlike anything we’ve seen in the Halo games to date?

If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out Joe Van Fossen’s Halo 5 on the Xbox One: What to Know and Expect article.

It’s difficult to speculate where Master Chief will journey in Halo 5. Humans have colonized many worlds and so have the Covenant aliens. There are galaxies worth of possibilities for the location of the next game in the Halo franchise. As to who the mechanized creature is that John encounters at the end of the trailer, there are many possibilities as well but those are easier to narrow down. The creature or ship is unlike anything created by the Covenant. At this point in the games, the Covenant has disbanded and the alien races that formed the Covenant are now struggling to reform their individual societies. It is therefore unlikely that any of the Covenant races had the capability to create or unleash the type of mechanized juggernaut we see in the trailer. Is it Forerunner tech then?

Halo 5

Halo 5

Or could it be that the ship/creature is a remnant of Promethean technology? Halo 4 saw the introduction of the Prometheans who were described in the novels as having unquestioning loyalty toward the Didact. The Didact used the Composer on the millions of remaining Prometheans in order to create an army resistant to Flood infection. The Promethean tech we saw in Halo 4 is the closest in design and technology to the imposing metal goliath seen in the trailer. Without direction from the Didact and after the destruction of Requiem, the Promethean AI may now decide to enact vengeance on humanity and pick up where the Didact left off. This seems the most likely explanation for the metal creature/ship seen in the trailer. Of the millions of Prometheans composed by the Didact, we see a scant handful in Halo 4 and little of the background of the Prometheans is revealed in either the game or the books. The Halo franchise has intentionally kept the plots of the novels and the games separate to prevent redundancies. The lack of information about the Prometheans in recent novels would be in keeping with franchise strategy then if the intent is to have them play a larger role in the upcoming game. It also seems unlikely that after spending time and money to create a new form of alien enemy and new alien weaponry in Halo 4, 343 Industries would not include the Prometheans in future games.

As for the fate of Master Chief, Dr. Halsey played a prominent role in the plot of Halo 4. Master Chief’s visit to Earth may result in some unpleasant revelations such as the order from ONI to execute Halsey or the specific reasons why Halsey was detained/imprisoned in the first place. It is possible that the Master Chief seen in the trailer, portrayed as a lone wanderer, may be disillusioned and angry. Possibly grieving for the loss of both Cortana and Halsey, the closest thing to a mother he’s had since the age of six. Will John 117 go AWOL after yet another suicide mission? Are his ties to Captain Lasky strong enough to keep him in the UNSC ranks? It would be an interesting change of pace to see Master Chief as anything other than his usual stoic self.

As for Halsey, Spartan Ops saw her lose an arm and declare her intent to get revenge on the UNSC. While Halsey would surely make an incredible villain, she cares deeply for her Spartans. It is hard to imagine that she would do anything to endanger the lives of her creations especially Master Chief but alas, this is all just speculation.

Do you have theories about the plot of Halo 5? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.


Alexandra Mangen
Alex is a nerd who "loves loves loves" gaming. She's a huge FPS gamer but also dabbles in RPGs and MMOs. If it's entertaining and well designed, she's game.
Alexandra Mangen
Alexandra Mangen

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  • Seven

    I think, like many others, that we’re going to see a lot more of the human side of John. The current circumstances of the Halo story may lead him to going rouge. But hey, lets be honest, a rouge, emotionally scarred Master Chief would certainly deliver well in a sequel to an already amazing follow up of the Halo trilogy, Halo 4. I think that angel looking Promethean mechanized god thing may be the key to saving Cortana maybe, judging from the way Chief looked at the chip as the Promethean thing arose, well it seems fairly possible. But those are my assumptions and theories.

    • Alex

      343 has said that Halo 5 is going to be much darker so I too think it’s pretty likely that we are going to see more of the impact of what John has experienced in the next game. As for Cortana, I loved her sooo much as a character and though a huge part of me wants to see her come back and the possibly Promethean creature could be the key to that, I kinda hope the developer opts to replace Cortana with another AI or possibly a Huragok/Engineer. As much as i’d love to see Cortana be a part of future Halo games, 343 did such a great job in Halo 4 and created a really moving ending for her character. It would be really hard to write her return without taking away from that moment…Also I love your Avatar!!! So sad Matt Smith will be done 1/2 way through season 8.

  • Andrew Paxson

    I like your speculation! I definetly agree that this next installation of Halo will be much darker. Based on the Halo 5 teaser, Spartan Ops, and Halo 4’s Cinematics and Story, Its going to be about the internal struggle he is having. One of my favorite parts of Halo 4, apart from Cortana’s end, is the conversation between Laskey and John. My favorite point is Laskey’s comment about Solider being Human not machines. John reaction tells me that this is something he is struggling with. I think thats what we are going to see, the struggle of John trying to come to terms on who/what he is, the lose of cortana and the situation with Halsey. Mind you, we must realize in Halo 4 Chief was not aware of Dr. Halsey’s Status and in Spartan Ops Halsey becomes more knowledgable of John’s condition. If I had to speculate , and I do, i would say the next installment is going to feature a point where John is lost. Maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally. there will prob be a point, based on Halo 4’s prologue scene, where the ONI and UNSC are against John and the Spartan-II Soliders and John will also have to deal with the next opponent which ay or may not be the Prometheans. Looking at the Cinematics from Halo 4 and the Spartan Ops its a safe bet its the Prometheans and I assume based on the ending voice over of the diadict I would assume his words describe whats going to happen in terms of Prometheans vs the Human Race. My theory of Plot is this, The Beginning will be Chief Unsuited (Prob won’t see him) and Being looked at by the ONI or UNSC. At some point he will discover a way that Cortana can be brought back to which he sets out on his own and this will give the ONI/UNSC a reason to eliminate Master Chief and call him a traitor. The next point will be Halsey Dealing with the end situation the left her off at in the Spartan Ops and we nay see the characters from the Spartan Ops appear and what the struggle the one character there (can’t remember his name) go through as he was already struggling with killer Dr Halsey and may hear the order to eliminate Master Chief. Next I would assume John and Laskey or John and that guy from Spartan Ops catch up and either they try and fail to fill out the orders (most likely) or they let them know about Halsey which then leads to him chasing Halsey Down. Halsey, who found out John is alive in Spartan Ops, is no rogue and seeking revenge. John is on the run and they meet up and there is a scene where Halsey will prob reveal that she isn’t seeking revenge entirely but that she knows something that no one does because thats her character, she knows all but only shares it when she needs too. She is very Complex and I love her character. At Which point we will discover that the Prometheans are still doing their creators goal to ‘eliminate humanity’ and she reveals this to John and she describes how we can get Cortana back (which will be a cut scene in its self as Halsey does not know about Cortana’s End and fragmentation) She prob then describe how Cortana can be saved and how we can save the Human Race (again) and then most likely Laskey will go Rogue in league with Halsey and Chief along with the Spartan Ops team except for Commander Sarah Palmer who is a by the books personality. The Story will probably unfold in the end where Cortanamay or may not revived, I am kind hoping for a new AI character that is based Cortana’s code (also note Halsey still has the other half of Cortana) and then the UNSC is revealed for being a major social and politic power as thats the feeling I am getting. Chief will prob nearly or will die and that will leave Laskey and the other Young Spartan Character I mentioned above. Eventually though Halsey will need her revenge or maybe it was just a complete scheme.

    Thats my Speculation which is based on the Cinematics and Spartans Ops and a bit on air of the Franchise.

  • Ryan Mills

    I’m thinking it’s the return of the Precursors. Master Chief has gone AWOL and the UNSC is after him, hence the hood to conceal his identity. He is on a journey of self discovery; dark and depressed after the “death” of Cortana. The many years of fighting has finally got to him. He is also trying to find Kelly-087 and Fred-104. We will find out the origins of the Flood (Those who read the Foreunner trilogy already know) and the Precursors will return to once again dominate the galaxy. Master Chief must unite with the Prometheans to stop the Precursor/Flood threat. The Arbiter will probably return and hopefully be a playable character akin to Halo 2. Maybe his missions will explore the civil war on Sanghelios. Here’s a wishlist I made for the game:

  • Ansgar

    I am speculating it will suck as bad as halo 4 did and will be completely devoid of redeeming qualities. Unless they bring back Cortana and the theme of the old games there is no way they will get any of my money. Halo 4 was a complete disappointment for me in almost every way and based on its success halo 5 will be more of the same.

  • Joethehamface

    I think he is looking to restore cortana using forerunner tech. I also think he could be hunting down more forerunners that were imprisoned like the Didact was. He could be locating more composers. They may bring in some precursor storyline. That juggernaut looks forerunner. My guess would be an ancient battle armor like a Sphinx. He may be exploring some sheild worlds.

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