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Halo 5: May the Theories Begin!

/ Apr 13th, 2013 2 Comments

Halo in a Nutshell

Halo 5

Halo 5

Just passing the five month mark, Halo 4 has been a very successful release for the franchise, with over 4 million copies sold in 2012 alone. It’s no wonder that already, fans are anticipating Microsoft to announce any news on Halo 5, the next chapter in the Reclaimer trilogy. But when? That is the biggest question, haunting the minds of so many that want to knowanything they can on the newest title. No information has come up further though, which has launched gaming theorists on a frenzy! And taking a look back at the original trilogy and most recent Halo 4, it’s easy to start predicting.

Halo 4 was no doubt an amazing game. Beautifully animated cutscenes, an array of new weaponry, but still being able to pull off a great story in a sequel is developer 343 Industries’ way of saying “we got this.” Many fans were worried that Bungie didn’t take the project, but now can be rest assured that their Master Chief is taken care of. With two more titles promised, it’s hard to say what Halo 5 will encompass.

(Spoiler alert!) One of the biggest changes from every Halo title until now is losing Cortana. The tragic ending to one of the most well known characters in video game history, the infamous sidekick will surely be missed. With that in mind, it’s reasonable to think that Halo 5 may be angled toward an emotional side of Master Chief. Struggling with the loss of Cortana will make the next fight harder, and can sometimes motivate or weaken John. This can take a new turn on the story, leaving our hero vulnerable at times without the help of Cortana’s infinite knowledge. Perhaps a quest to somehow restore Cortana or bring her back could be possible. There are two more games the duo has to get through, right?



With an emotional setting already in play, there will probably be hopes of not losing the epic action, weapons and multi player that have made the Halo saga so popular. So many successful titles have come out, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see new modes in multiplayer or even newer weapons added to your arsenal. Of course, the iconic gameplay and first person shooter can never be changed, avoiding a certain gamer rebellion. The eternal struggle of mankind will surely be reiterated with a new threat on humanity in the next title. And the promise of Halo 6, last part to the Reclaimer trilogy, can only mean that its predecessor can stand as a middle ground, preparing Master Chief to lead a final battle for Earth’s survival.

Maybe the reason for such silence on 343’s next Halo title is because of the newly announced Destiny, Bungie’s biggest project since Halo: Combat Evolved. So much has been surrounding the social networking first person, it’s no wonder Halo 5 has been on the hush… for now. There’s no telling when or if Microsoft will make any headlines with the latest on Halo 5, but surely they have to say something come E3 2013.

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores

Although graduated from UC Irvine in Criminology, Law and Society, Jessica enjoys video games and strives to pursue the industry through writing and reporting. Some of her favorite games are action/adventure, first person shooters and RPG's.
Jessica Flores

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