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Halo 4 Preview from E3 2012

/ Jun 5th, 2012 No Comments

Halo 4 Preview: Promethean Knight

Halo 4 Preview from E3 2012

Halo 4 Preview from E3 2012

Microsoft kicked off E3 2012 the same way they ended it in 2011: with Halo 4. At this time last year, everyone was talking about the Halo 4 teaser trailer that debuted during Microsoft’s Entertainment Evolved presentation. This year, Microsoft delivered with the first campaign footage from one of 2012’s most anticipated games.

343 Industries is continuing the Halo tradition of incredible visuals. However, once the first gameplay footage was shown, it became clear that this is not your older brother’s Halo anymore.

Halo 4 picks up immediately after the events of Halo 3. Master Chief is back along with Cortana. Trailers have hinted that the relationship between Microsoft’s signature character and his artificially intelligent female counterpart will be a main part of the game’s storyline.

The gameplay displayed during the Microsoft press conference showed off a virtual environment reminiscent of Halo games of the past. However, the first-person camera is not quite the same. Gamers will feel truly immersed into the environment with the redesigned helmet. During the demonstration, Cortana popped up on screen in a video-chat like feature to communicate with Master Chief. The slightly redesigned helmet feels like a beautiful blend of previous Halo games and Metroid.

During the gameplay, Master Chief is fighting his way across a jungle to a crashed ship. He runs across some familiar foes from the Covenant. However, one follows Chief into a strange light where he was disintegrated. That is when new enemies are introduced.

Insect-like characters called Crawlers attack Chief before another strange twist. They begin retreating. Chief is then attacked by a Promethean Knight. The Knight is at least equal to an Elite, if not more powerful. The Knight is accompanied by a flying creature called a Watcher, which protects the Knight. The Watcher can disperse a shield over the Knight and throw back grenades so taking out the Watcher first is the best tactic.

Halo 4 Preview: Promethean Knight

Halo 4 Preview: Promethean Knight

During battle with the Promethean Knight, Chief picks up a new weapon. This was the reveal of the new Forerunner weapons, which the gamer will see pieced together as soon as it is picked up. New armor ability, Promethean Vision, was also shown off. The enhanced visor mode makes enemies easier to spot, making objects see-through and marking enemies red. Before Chief could really show off his new ability, he was attacked and the demo ended. However, 343 was not done sharing new information about Halo 4. A new trailer highlighting the game’s multiplayer was released. Halo 4 has a completely new multiplayer experience.

The UNSC Infinity, which was featured in the opening sequence of the Halo 4 gameplay reveal at Microsoft’s presser, will serve as the hub for multiplayer. “War Games” will feature classic Halo competitive multiplayer battles. “Spartan Ops” will consist of separate co-operative missions. Within the multiplayer hub, Spartans will have access to a weekly cinematic series set aboard the ship. New episodes in the CGI series will also come with new Spartan Ops co-op missions based on that week’s episode. All that content is included with the purchase of Halo 4, not as planned DLC. For the first time in the Halo franchise, choices will directly affect each gamer’s individual Spartan soldier in appearance, arsenal, and role on the field. The ultimate goal of 343 is to blur the line between the campaign, multiplayer, and co-op.

343 Industries is respecting the glorious tradition of Halo while developing a completely new experience. This fresh approach to the Halo franchise will help keep core fans happy while also introducing new players to the series.

Halo 4 will be available exclusively for Xbox 360 on November 6.

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