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Guild Wars 2 Hands-Off Preview

/ May 23rd, 2012 No Comments

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 will be bringing about a whole new way to play an MMORPG, and best of all, there is no such as thing as “KS”ing (kill stealing). In GW2, we now have something called dynamic events, and they play a huge role in allowing the player to experience something new every time they enter the wilderness of Tyria. There are new ways to combat your opponent, underwater exploration and mob killing, and much more.

Back when the first Guild Wars came out, it was known for the vast explorable open world that was filled with beauty and awe. Guild Wars 2 has kept that recognition by delivering some of the best graphics and animations that anybody has ever seen in an MMORPG. Being that this game is developed by NCsoft, they went ahead and showed us what the graphics should be like in an MMORPG with today’s technology, and they really went all out on every aspect of this game. These guys deserve the utmost respect for the amount of time they put into this game, and their meticulousness in making sure that everything is flawless. In a dynamic event, a player receives a quest/mission that he has to complete with various other players, or solo. These events get really interesting with the more people that join them as they go through the world and are given the signal that there is an event going on. They either have to save the town, put fires out, or stop enemies from destroying towns and whatnot. The more people that join them, the more enemies appear, and the more deadly these enemies get. From what I know, the bosses in the events actually gain new abilities to use in order to survive against a multitude of people, and it gives more experience when killed. Another unique feature that has been seen in other games, but not many, are Daily Achievements. Rewards are given to a player for killing 20 monsters, or just being in the game fighting for 30 minutes to an hour. These kinds of things allow someone to catch up to another, as far as level and experience goes, within a reasonable amount of time. It also takes away from the grungy, unrewarding, unappealing standard grinding scheme. So we have dynamic events, and daily quests/achievements, and one more thing that was added to assist and excite a player during battle is that there are random chests lying around that give you experience, and possibly items.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Preview

Guild Wars 2 Beta Preview

Guild Wars 2 has a feature that no other game has at the moment and it is revolutionary. Basically, you can equip different weapons during battle and have a whole new skill bar based on the weapons’ characteristics. How sweet is that? That means you can go from having a staff, being that you may be a necromancer and do more spell damage. When the enemy comes in closer, you can switch to a greatsword and may knock him back with a specific skill, or even do an AoE (Area of effect). Let’s say you are holding a mace, and a sword in the other hand, and you want to attack an enemy with a basic attack. You can actually hold down the attack button/left or right click, and it will charge up the power in the weapon in order to deliver a more devastating blow. It may make it easier to dodge the blow, but imagine if someone is snared/stunned/crippled/ etc…This will be one of the most dynamic parts of the game that a lot of people are looking forward to, but as I’ve said earlier, there are tons of more things to be looking forward to.

There are 5 different races that are unique from one another and they all share the same classes. Now, you can think about it as the race being the foundation to your class, being that they have their own special characteristics, and the class being the sub feature of your character. The race will establish your play style; a human will be the well-balanced class, but if you wanted to be a heavy duty guardian/warrior, then maybe you’d like to check out the Norn race. Things like that make this game that much more interesting, because it isn’t just like some zombie race, or elf race, it is something very extraordinary that people will find themselves reading the backstory of each race in order to really make that choice selection when creating their character.

Character creation plays a huge role in any game, especially in an MMO. Everyone wants to look distinctively different than the next person, but that feature has almost never been possible to achieve in most games. Need not to worry, Guild Wars 2 is proud to present some of the best character customization and creation that MMO’s have to offer. Enjoy spending anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, or more (depending on how precise and picky one may be), just on creating your alleged character.

Guild Wars 2 MMORPG

Guild Wars 2 MMORPG

As eager as everyone may be as far as the release date goes, there hasn’t been a set date. An ad spotted at a Fry’s in Texas said that Guild Wars 2 will be released June 28th, but it may have been just a marketing tactic since the developers at NCsoft said that the betas will determine the release date of Guild Wars 2. Depending on how the game runs and the player’s findings of bugs and glitches, no one knows when the official release date is, so it will be released when they feel that it is “ready”. Aside from the release date, you can pre-purchase GW2 now and enjoy the opportunities of being apart of the betas, getting a head start with the 3 day prior game access to build your character, and get exclusive items that won’t be given to those who buy it on its official release!

Guild Wars 2 has officially revolutionized MMORPG’s, and has made the genre that much more interestingly distinct and enjoyable. With graphics as mind-blowing as this game offers, and the dynamics behind every aspect of the game, this is a top-choice title that shouldn’t be disregarded under any circumstance if you play any kind of computer game. If your computer meets the game’s requirements, whether it be high or low, you will have a gaming experience like never before, especially with its already vast community which will be growing increasingly as time goes on. Players haven’t seen anything like Guild Wars 2, for they have brought combat styles, world events, PVP modes and much more to the table that has never been experienced before.

Stay tuned to Gaming Illustrated for more information on Guild Wars 2 as it breaks.

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