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GTA 5: What We Learned From the Newest Trailer

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November has been quite kind to gamers hungry for any new pieces of information on GTA 5.  With the announcement of a Spring 2013 release window, info leaks, a Game Informer cover story, and a new trailer, excitement is at a fever pitch for Rockstar’s newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.  Though a wealth of new information about GTA 5 is now available, perhaps the biggest being players’ ability to control three protagonists, the newest trailer has been the best avenue to see the game in action.  Since so many new mechanics are being introduced, the trailer offers a small glimpse into how everything might actually play out.

Epic Car Chases

If there’s one thing that Rockstar knows how to do, it’s to make an incredible trailer.  Another thing the company does well:  cars.  The GTA 5 trailer is packed with style and substance, not to mention a hefty amount of automobile action.  While car chases are certainly nothing new to the GTA franchise, it isn’t often that they become big cinematic events.  By introducing three playable protagonists and the ability to switch between them mid-mission, Rockstar has opened up a lot of possibilities for GTA 5.  A multiple vehicle car chase spanning long distances of road might be handled better now that players can switch control from the driver to a passenger with a gun or even to another car involved in the chase.  If GTA 5 is going to focus so much on bank heists then the getaway is just as important.  Instead of taking a few side streets to lose the cops, maybe now players will be able to jump onto other cars to reduce the heat.

Planes, Trains, and Dogs

[adsense250itp]We all saw the guy driving a car out of an airplane and then jumping out of it with a parachute, right?  Don’t forget the fighter jet shooting down a helicopter with rockets.  Or the train crash.  GTA 5 looks to take vehicular combat to a new level by adding bigger and deadlier aircraft.  Trevor, one of the playable characters, is a former pilot so the beefed-up system of aircraft is understandable.  Of course the game also features jet skis, dirt bikes, ATVs, and the usual assortment of transportation devices.  But what about that dog?  Pets and animals have never really been a feature of Grand Theft Auto games, could the fifth installment feature them prominently?

Location, Location, Location

From the gritty streets, slums, suburbs, and even the skies, it looks like GTA 5 will incorporate one of the most realized worlds Rockstar has created.  Los Santos will have multiple distinct areas modeled after Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.  The more backwoods areas that Trevor inhabits look to be appropriately dusty and run down.  Expect to see plenty of fancy cars in the rich area where Michael lives.  Plenty of real world landmarks are being parodied in the game as well.  Unfortunately the trailer didn’t show anything relating to the bodies of water players will explore.


Considering that main characters Michael and Trevor have a past in robbing banks, heists are going to be a central mission component to the game.  The trailer showed footage of a bank door being blown off, a heist in progress, and even the ability to rappel down a building to break in through a window.  It will be interesting to see if larger heists are exclusive to the story missions or if players will be able to randomly encounter them in progress just while driving around.  Rockstar has said that inspiration was taken from the ambient quests in Red Dead Redemption so let’s hope they are just as good in GTA 5.


Whether it is the psychotic nature of Trevor, the idiotic son of Michael, or just the witty dialogue, it feels like GTA 5 won’t be as serious as GTA 4.  Sure, the story of Niko offered plenty of laughs but a lot of it was full of some pretty dark stuff.  Maybe it’s just thetrailer but GTA 5 might not take itself as seriously as previous installments (which isn’t a bad thing at all).

It Looks Good

More than anything, it’s apparent that GTA 5 is a beautiful game.  Between all the explosions and cars, the game looks like it is going to not only be a graphical wonder but also just be fun to play.  Rockstar has always consistently raised the bar when it comes to open world games.  This trailer doesn’t even scratch the surface of all that is being offered in GTA 5.  Hopefully it isn’t too long before we get to see more.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

Senior Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ben is from Kentucky where he originally began playing games (an activity he still continues to this day). With a love for writing he graduated from Centre College with a BA in English. He recently moved to California to pursue whatever future endeavors were there. A passion for music, gaming, blogging, and existing keeps him up at night and crafts him into the person he is today.
Ben Sheene

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