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GTA 5 Preview: The Facts

/ Apr 9th, 2013 2 Comments


Michael, Trevor and Franklin in GTA 5

Rockstar is steadily building the hype for Grand Theft Auto 5 as the Sept. 17 release date gets closer. The company has been generously consistent in the amount of media unveiled to gamers. With every new morsel of information, fans are given just enough to make their mouths water but are left wanting more.

The next installment of the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise is scheduled to hit store shelves Sept. 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version has not yet been announced but a petition begging Rockstar to release the game on PC has gained popularity on the Internet. Here’s what we know about GTA 5 so far.

Storyline: Which one?

[adsense250itp]GTA 5 is taking the radical approach of having three different playable characters. Players will switch between Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Switching between them will be possible when the player is not in a mission, and each character will have their own unique hobbies and traits. Some missions will allow gamers to switch between the three characters for a whole new dynamic action. Interestingly, when the protagonists are not being controlled by a gamer, they live their own lives. When they are re-selected, they may be at a different point in their lives than the last time they were being played as.

Everything takes place in Los Santos, Rockstar’s version of sunny Southern California. Rockstar has promised this will be the largest setting ever experienced in one of the company’s games. The urban streets of Los Santos are surrounded by the ocean, desert and mountain ranges.

It should come as no surprise that the theme of the game is making a lot of money by non-conventional means. There are several possible endings that will all depend on actions and decisions throughout the game.


Visually, Los Santos is looking better than ever. The graphics look terrific in the first trailer, and the second trailer only built on the crisp and detailed visuals. Screenshots also depict the updated graphics in all their beauty with a ridiculous amount of detail all over the buildings, characters, weapons, water and pretty much everything imaginable.

The game has improved the distance at which players will be able to see things graphically as the game engine builds renders the setting quickly. Rather than watching cars and buildings load and pop up randomly while driving, gamers will be able to see what’s coming far ahead. Rockstar is using an improved version of the company’s signature RAGE game engine. According to Rockstar, their new engine was built to give GTA 5 an edge in realism and interactivity.

Vehicles: Lots of them

GTA 5 Rumor Roundup

GTA 5 vehicles

In addition to the traditional vehicles gamers have come to expect from the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 5 will include convertible cars with functional roofs, Jet Skis and large semi-trailer trucks. Rockstar confirmed the vehicles physics have been significantly improved to make cars hold to the ground better. Gravity will feel more natural when driving the cars.

Rockstar won’t keep all vehicles too stuck to the ground though, as plenty of people are aiming to get as far off the ground as possible. That’s where the aircrafts come in. GTA 5 will feature several different flying vehicles that can be used to explore the size of Los Santos, including crop dusters, private jets, helicopters, sea planes and even military jets.


GTA 5 is looking to revolutionize gameplay. GTA 5 is not going to follow any previous formulaic styles, but is rather going to guide gamers into a more dynamic world where stealing cars and shooting people will be last on the priority list. Missions will be more direct and goal-oriented but still give gamers the freedom to maneuver through however they choose. Trailers for the game include scenes that showcase planned out robberies, trains crashing and one of the characters lighting a whole house on fire to make a point.

Rockstar is expanding on the real-time events found in Red Dead Redemption by turning the GTA 5 world into a living, breathing ecosystem of sorts. Random events, side missions, wildlife and multiple characters with different personalities will run into each other at random times, and time itself will actually be re-conceptualized. Now, characters that may be known to the gamer will always go about living their daily lives. For example, non-playable characters that work in a store will not simply be staying in that store as long as the game goes on, as it seemed in previous installments. NPCs will actually live their lives and gamers can interact with them. Players may see their gardener waiting at a bus stop or working somewhere else.

GTA 5 is also introducing tons of new side activities such as golf, tennis, base-jumping, jet skiing and yoga. Players can also expect some of the pastimes from Grand Theft Auto 4 to return, including strip clubs, bowling, internet cafes, live comedy and in-game T.V.


Franklin in GTA 5

Franklin in GTA 5

By analyzing the trailers and screenshots that have been released so far, it’s possible to compile a pretty decent list of very likely weapons. The list of weapons includes a gasoline canister, Molotov Cocktail, sniper rifles (Heckler and Koch PSG1), shotguns (Mossberg 590), IMI Tavor TAR-21, AR-15, Norinco type 56 II, Heckler and Koch MP5A5, IMI Mini-Uzi, Glock 18, Colt M1911, baton, tennis racket, mallet, golf club and baseball bat.

Rockstar has continued to grace fans with new screenshots and has showcased some amazing visuals and activities to look forward to. The weather system looks far more sophisticated as well as one of the newest screenshots shows off a very realistic storm with smooth cloud effects and detailed lightning strikes. With the release of GTA 5 still five long months away, gamers are left wanting more from Rockstar.

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Alejandro Grover

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