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GTA 5 Multiplayer: What Can We Expect?

/ Jun 23rd, 2013 No Comments

GTA 5 Release

[adsense250itp]GTA 5 multiplayer is nebulous at this point. However, based on prior Rockstar efforts, it is possible to speculate on what will make an appearance in GTA 5 multiplayer. Aside from the two-player functionality in GTA: San Andreas, multiplayer is only a recent addition to the GTA franchise, but from the very moment it was announced that GTA 4 was getting in on the multiplayer scene there was a buzz of excitement. Since launch there have been uncountable YouTube videos of epic helicopter battles, hectic destruction derbies, strange glitches and wild stunts tearing apart Liberty City, gathering more and more attention to the game, while also significantly expanding its replay value. Free roam multiplayer was one of the best new additions to the series and with the highly anticipated GTA 5 looming on the horizon and a few details on the story have been released, now is the time to turn our eyes expectantly to the multiplayer functionality of the game.

GTA 5 Multiplayer

GTA 5 Multiplayer

Let us start with what we know: there will not be any co-op in the main campaign and the Crew functionality from Max Payne 3 will transfer over to the GTA 5 multiplayer mode, allowing a player and their friends to group up for either competitive multiplayer or free roam with ease. It is likely that competitive stat tracking and challenges will be included for bragging rights, if that is your sort of thing, and judging by what is included in GTA 5’s collector edition customizing your online character makes a return as well. Beyond that, we know virtually next to nothing when it comes to GTA 5 multiplayer. However, we can be sure that it will be spectacular and we will be seeing plenty of people’s multiplayer shenanigans on the internet.

So let us throw some possible scenarios around of what we could be seeing in GTA 5 multiplayer come this September. The map in the game is massive and insanely detailed, with the landmass reportedly being 3.5x larger than Red Dead Redemption’s (5x larger if you count the ocean), and features significantly more vehicles and weapons than previous GTA titles. Old favorites missing from GTA 4 such as heavy weaponry, planes and vehicle customization make a return alongside new features to the series such as weapon modification, wildlife, an upgraded combat system and a highly detailed underwater environment complete with scuba gear and submarines. It is hard to tell what extent these features will factor into GTA 5 multiplayer or whether certain other aspects to the single player mode such as heists and mini games will appear either in the competitive or free roam modes.

GTA 5 Multiplayer

GTA 5 Multiplayer

Wild speculation aside, it would not be surprising, considering the size of the map, to see new competitive modes featuring a heavier focus on vehicular combat. Considering the added feature of weapon modification, custom weapon loadouts in GTA 5 multiplayer may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Heists may also factor in as a multiplayer mode similar to cops and robbers, possibly as a form of capture-the-flag or deathmatch with objectives that when fulfilled gives one team a momentary edge over the other. Another possibility is the addition of activities in free roam, allowing crews to engage in randomly generated or even custom created diversions such as races in anything from planes to their own custom-modified cars, heists, deathmatches, stunts and challenges, alongside the usual chaos that you could expect in free roam.

GTA 5 Multiplayer

GTA 5 Multiplayer

Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer featured free roam as a sort of hub area with the competitive aspects appearing dynamically as you rode around the landscape. Other players could take forts dotted around the landscape with their posse and then defend it from any who would dare to try and attack their territory. It’s the little features such as these that add to the fun in multiplayer and with their most ambitious title to date approaching the sky’s the limit for what we could be seeing in GTA 5 multiplayer.

But, really, who knows? The people at Rockstar are more than likely to think up significantly more interesting features for GTA 5 multiplayer. For now all we can do is blindly guess at what it is that they have planned for both GTA 5’s single-player and multiplayer experiences. This is a developer that rarely disappoints and has created some of the most revolutionary and memorable games ever released. Their fame is not undeserved and with multiplayer becoming more and more important to many new release’s success, there is no doubt that last year’s comment of GTA 5 “[doing] for open-world multiplayer what GTA III did for single-player” is not something to scoff at.

Keep an eye at Gaming Illustrated for future GTA 5 multiplayer updates and news as more official details are announced.


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