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GTA 5 Install Size, Disc Number Revealed By Rockstar | Gaming Illustrated

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GTA 5 Install Size, Disc Number Revealed By Rockstar

/ Jul 2nd, 2013 1 Comment


[adsense250itp]In a recently released Q&A session on their website, Rockstar Games revealed new information about GTA 5. Questions about mandatory install size, multiplayer, a gameplay reveal window, the much sought after PC version and many more were answered.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of GTA 5 will require a mandatory install. The Xbox 360 version will ship on two discs. The first disc is used for a one-time mandatory install while the second disc is used for playing the game. Installing the game on a 360 will require either a hard drive or an external 16GB USB flash drive. The flash drive must have 8GB of free space to support the install. Rockstar recommends a new flash drive for optimum performance. After installing the game, Xbox 360 users can play GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online without having to switch between discs. The PS3 version will ship on one disc and will begin installing content as soon as the disc is inserted into the system. Installation will require about 8GB of free space and the game is playable immediately after the installation period.

Rockstar also touched upon a few details about GTA 5’s gameplay and some of the mechanics behind character switching. When not on a mission, players can freely switch between any of the three characters in real-time. In GTA 5, Michael, Trevor and Franklin are the three playable characters and each have their own circle of friends and live their own individual lives. At any time outside of a mission the player can switch characters to see what others are doing whether it is fighting with family, running from the police or even passed out drunk. Each guy also has their own set of missions and side jobs where one, two or all three individuals might participate. If more than one character is involved in a mission, switching can be done mid-action.

When asked if players could potentially take control of one character, seek out another and then kill them Rockstar basically said no. Characters have the option of meeting up and hanging out and even assaulting each other but won’t be able to kill each other. “They all have remarkable powers of recovery and good health insurance,” Rockstar joked. But if one character injures the other enough, it will put them in the hospital and continue from there.



On the subject of weapon and vehicle customization, without going into details Rockstar said weapons can be upgraded and cars will have deep customization. The multiplayer portion of the game was referred to as “Grand Theft Auto Online” several times during the Q&A. Details weren’t given but a reveal can be expected sometime in the summer. Does this mean Rockstar is going to evolve the online experience outside of GTA 4’s sandbox?

Yet again the company remained silent on a PC version saying there was nothing to share about a next-gen or PC release currently. They also stated that any visual differences between platforms will be negligible. Finally, when asked if GTA 5 gameplay will ever been seen, Rockstar responded with a firm yes and that an official video is on its way.

GTA 5 will be released on Sep. 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

Senior Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ben is from Kentucky where he originally began playing games (an activity he still continues to this day). With a love for writing he graduated from Centre College with a BA in English. He recently moved to California to pursue whatever future endeavors were there. A passion for music, gaming, blogging, and existing keeps him up at night and crafts him into the person he is today.
Ben Sheene

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  • Bill Ellis

    Definitely waiting for the PC version.

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