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GTA 5 Gameplay: Taking it to the Next Level

/ Aug 13th, 2013 No Comments

Video Editor for GTA V PC

[adsense250itp]There is a certain kind of joy that comes from playing a game that is well thought out and contains vast entertainment value in a way that clearly utilizes the full potential of a console era. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 can only be made after the triumphs and mistakes from several games occur over the course of many years. It is hard to believe this game is still within the same generation as Grand Theft Auto 4 because the latest GTA 5 gameplay videos and screenshots easily put the previous GTA game to shame. The bar has been raised so high by Rockstar that people at some point were questioning whether or not the graphics were possible on current-gen systems. Next-gen consoles might have had all the hype for the last couple of months, Rockstar has stuck it out without announcing any split-gen hedge betting. There is something special and respectable about them creating what could be a masterpiece after so much experience with optimization for games on current-gen hardware. Here are some factoids on what will make GTA 5 one of the best games of all time.

Advanced A.I.


Scope the job.

What happened to the good old days when you could just drive into a “Pay n Spray” and watch your wanted level disappear? Rockstar is working hard to make it more difficult to lose the cops. Apparently, the police will be chasing down the protagonists in ways they never did before. Police reaction will now be more dynamic in terms of interaction based on wanted levels. Yes, in previous games it would start out with a cop that uses a baton, then they pull out the hand gun, and as time goes on they just start to pile on FBI agents, SWAT, and eventually the whole army. But, GTA 5 is different. Now officers will start out by chasing petty criminals with stun guns; later, they send Rottweilers after the player. As players reach higher wanted levels, they start getting scoped out by snipers, which should add a whole new dimension to escaping the Five-O. It would be awesome to hear more about how the A.I. will be different in GTA 5 though, and how random characters i.e. pedestrians etc. will benefit from the advanced A.I. It is a city and it would be nice to see some real-life city situations: People playing chess, having conversations in a way that makes sense, groups of people together that do not just stand and stare at each other, and how about more dynamic reactions from civilians when they get messed with by the player? The potential is there, let’s see what happens. One quote that sounds pretty exciting from the gameplay trailer states that there will be “animals to spot, hunt, and be hunted by.” How good will the animals’ A.I. be? Gamers will find out in September most likely as Rockstar has stayed tight lipped about many of the finer GTA 5 gameplay aspects.

Under the Influence

GTA 5 Multiplayer

Roll with a gang of wild brothers.

As mentioned earlier, Rockstar has had plenty of trials and tribulations from their blockbuster video games, as well as massive successes throughout. They have certainly looked to make GTA 5 the best it can be by applying their experience from their incredible video game resume. That makes perfect sense as GTA 5 is supposed to be the ultimate open world experience with enough facets to draw from all the genres Rockstar has dabbled in. In a video released last week titled “GTA V vs Past Rockstar Games”, there was a thorough and well-edited gameplay comparison. Here are some of the similarities and borrowed elements from previous Rockstar games noted in the video:

Covering – While showcasing the cover system in Grand Theft Auto 5 and comparing it with that of Max Payne 3, the resemblance was uncanny. Shooting from the hip is one thing that has been added on, while taking cover behind cars is now much more effective and has been significantly enhanced in terms of fluidity.

Driving – From the gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto 5, driving seems to have significantly improved since Grand Theft Auto 4. Rockstar said that driving will “play more like a racing game.” Rockstar has a racing game of their own to draw experience from in Midnight Club; it is very likely that we will see elements of Midnight Club LA’s acceleration, traction, and enhanced physics helping make driving in GTA 5 intuitive and fun.

Weapon Selection – In Grand Theft Auto 4, accessing weapons required the player to cycle through all of them in order to reach the weapon of their choice. In what seems like a clear improvement in GTA 5, Rockstar is including the the weapon wheel, which has been utilized in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. The weapon wheel will make for easy accessibility to the weapon of your choice. The crosshair has also been changed to a red dot in lieu of the success of the Max Payne 3’s firing system.

Radar – The circles in the radar will now vary based on the source. For example, footsteps would produce tiny circles, while gunshots will produce large circles.

The Obvious, but Cool Stuff

It is well known by now that players will be able to switch between the 3 main protagonists in the game: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. By now, every GTA fan has got their names recognized. So, it is looking pretty promising in terms of dynamic gameplay. Ever since seeing an entire video taken from gameplay footage, the hype has been multiplied dramatically. The new weapon selection wheel, going in and out of protagonists lives within the game, all kinds of mini-games including tennis, yoga, bike riding, skydiving, golf, car customization, clothing customization, tattoos, ocean diving, animal hunting and an array of investment opportunities give players a sense of awe as far as the amount of cool stuff players will get the chance to do in GTA 5.

Just One More Month


This be the joint right here!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been getting hyped up for so long, and everyone has been so patient. The end product in all its glory is slated for an official release on September 17 this year. Let’s hope it will be well worth the wait!


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Alejandro Grover

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