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GTA 5 Details Leaked, Shot Down by GameInformer

/ Nov 7th, 2012 7 Comments


The Grand Theft Auto 5 rumors never stop. GameInformer will feature the Rockstar title on the cover of the next issue. However, details included in the story have already hit the Internet thanks to a member of GameFAQs.

A forum member was able to score a copy of the issue and could not resist posting the information. The game will feature multiple playable characters and car customization, according to the user. Of course, these are unsubstantiated claims at this point. However, the info does match up with previous GTA 5 rumors.

[adsense250itp]Albert DeSilva will be one of the game’s main characters. The half American, half Puerto Rican is 42 years old with an ex-wife and two children. After losing most of his money in a Ponzi scheme, he turns to a life of crime. Gamers will also play as Dougie Vejo, a more youthful criminal getting his start in Los Santos. Players will be able to switch between Albert and Dougie using the back button on Xbox 360.

Los Santos is the only major city featured in the game, with smaller suburbs along the countryside. Grove Street is back in a reference to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but CJ and Sweet are nowhere to be found. However, one or more characters from Grand Theft Auto 4 could be making an appearance. Love Fist, a band that originally appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and has been referenced in each GTA game since, is expected to show up in GTA 5. The Stinger is also back.

GTA 5 releases Spring 2013

Character customization makes a return but only clothes, hairstyles and facial hair can be changed. Property buying is also back. Players will be able to customize vehicles again as well.

The magazine was able to play a mission entitled Alimony, in which players rob a jewelry store. Robbery missions are available only for Dougie, with dispensaries serving as a large source of income. GTA 5 will include new mini-games such as golf, tennis and surfing.

Tracks from Snoop Dogg, The Beach Boys, Triumph, and Guns and Roses are all confirmed to be on the game’s soundtrack. Aziz Ansari provides his voice as the DJ of a current hip-hop station, but that information is unconfirmed.

Rockstar announced pre-orders for the game have begun in the U.S. and Europe. The company confirmed last week GTA 5 will be releasing in Spring 2013.

UPDATE: According to a tweet by GameInformer Managing Editor Matt Bertz, the leaked information is false.

Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

Chief Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ryan Bloom is a writer and avid gamer from Orange County. He received a B.A. in Communications with a minor in American Studies from California State University, Fullerton in 2010. Follow him on Twitter @BloomsTweets.
Ryan Bloom

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