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GTA 5 Cheats

/ Apr 22nd, 2013 No Comments

GTA 5 Cheats

GTA 5 Cheats

Where will you be September 17th, 2013? Probably in line for GTA 5. Where will you be September 18th? Probably firing rocket launchers from a jet-ski in sun-soaked, dollar-drenched streets. Why is there a jet-ski in the streets? Because it’s GTA 5, and these things happen. To get the game even more ridiculous, we’re fully expecting there to be a slew of GTA 5 cheats which should really extend the carnage.

The fifteenth entry into the seminal Grand Theft Auto series is heading your way faster than a muscle car towards a pedestrian, and we at Gaming Illustrated are asking the most important questions: Can you drop tanks from the sky? Will you be able to remove your “Wanted” level with a phone call? Can you spawn a boat inside of a police station?

Though the developers at Rockstar have been hush-hush about those features, we can gather from all previous fourteen installments that the Gods of Cheat are going to be once more at your beck and call. Here’s a look at possible ways to bend the upcoming Rockstar mega-blockbuster around your little finger and make it squeal, in order of most likely to least likely.

GTA 5 Cheats

[adsense250itp]“Tanks” For the Memories – Every GTA since the third installment has allowed you to summon tanks from thin air like the Green Lantern, and you don’t even have to wear tights to pull it off. There is no thrill greater than driving an armored shell of death through an urban environment, thumbing your nose at cops, FBI, and the army alike. Suburban and urban angst, deep crime drama, and gut-wrenching choices are all well and good, but nothing stacks up against a stack of tanks.

Heck, one of the protagonists in the new game, Michael, is supposed to represent a typical Grand Theft Auto main character AFTER he’s already won the game. Considering no self-respecting Grand Theft Auto protagonist gets through the game without bringing down a Sherman tank from the heavens at least once, you can bet hard cash this cheat is showing up in your second trip to Los Santos. This has to rank as one of the most anticipated GTA 5 cheats.

Hulk, Smash

Potential Tanks GTA 5 Cheat

Potential Tanks GTA 5 Cheat

Though Grand Theft Auto has always been set in version of gangland America with the volume turned up, recent GTAs have prided themselves on more gritty realism. The last numbered entry, IV, starring Niko Bellic, told a sober if outlandish tale of violence, immigration, and disillusionment set in a fairly accurate faux-New York. Bicycles were removed, some of the more hilarious game mechanics (getting fat enough to smother a moose) were excised, and things were pared down to tell a grim tale. Games like Saints Row picked up the slack, turning the ridiculous into a kinetic art form.

The world has changed, however, and realism is no longer the bonus it used to be. In a post-Avengers world, where Beiber drinks cough syrup and the most famous woman in the USA is a glorified porn star, we are ready for the ridiculous and over-the-top GTA 5 cheats. You better believe that the infamous GTA San Andreas “Super-Punch” code will be in full effect as a GTA 5 cheat, and could likely be expanded beyond a simple mega-haymaker into full-blown super-powers. We at GI wouldn’t be surprised if you were given a super-jump along with it, or invulnerability, or the kind of Prototype-esque might that allows one to say, karate kick a helicopter. Punching someone across the street never gets old. Ever.

Loads and Loads of Characters

Grand Theft Auto V breaks traditional from the standard GTA mold by including the interweaving stories of three separate protagonists: the post-game winner Michael, the Walter White-esque crazy drug dealer Trevor, and the green-as-grass newcomer and repo-man Trevor.

With this bold move, has Rockstar opened up a world of choices? Though it’s unlikely the main story will feature anyone but these three would be anti-heroes, it’s certainly likely that the idea of swappable skins is in our immediate future. The GTA series always featured plenty of clothing optimization, but it’s conceivable that with the press of a few buttons (or the swipe of a credit card, depending on how pessimistic you are), you’ll be able to tour the streets of modern Los Santos as a completely different character.

Grand Theft Auto VNo possibilities are off-limits for GTA 5 cheats. Characters from previous games could return, if not in the main story (we’re looking at you, CJ), then certainly as a cheat code. Who wouldn’t want to take Tommy Vercetti through a time machine, hand him an uzi, and tell him to “go nuts?” Or that nameless guy protagonist from the third game, the one that looked like a cross between Mark Wahlberg and a Lego brick? Young CJ from San Andreas could be at your fingertips, or an Old CJ in the modern era, or maybe even fan-favorite Fat CJ, who could eat his way through the mafia like a champ?

Much hub-bub was made about the possibility of a female protagonist for this game, a fantastic game-changing idea that was sadly nothing more than a fan dream. However, game-art like the picture to the right serves as a nasty tease for how amazing that idea would have been. With the idea of unlockable (or downloadable) skins a very real possibility, the developers at Rockstar would be amiss to not include a female option for players who like their Sheps to be Fem and their Crofts to be Lara. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to take part in the story, but she could certainly base jump into a firefight with the best of them.

Crisis on Infinite Rockstars

ChickTheftAutopRelated to the above idea, and certainly the idea with the least possibility, would be the GTA 5 cheats inclusion of characters and vehicles from other Rockstar franchises. If the idea of riding down a Los Santos sidewalk on John Marston’s horse doesn’t stir your blood a little, than maybe the idea of flying a helicopter as the famed gunslinger himself might do the job? Though the possibility is low, the potential is high, and the buzz created by such an opportunity would be well worth the extra work Rockstar would have to put into it.

It wouldn’t be that hard to rip assets right from their cult-favorite L.A. Noire, including hundreds of vintage cars that would make any car enthusiast (or noir enthusiast) squeal with unadulterated childish glee. Cole Phelps in a jetpack is the kind of idea that has legs, and if Rockstar wants to re-embrace their old sense of whimsy, this move would be the most talked about in recent gaming history.

And who, at the end of a long work day, wouldn’t want to slip into the bald-head and shaky-hands of one Max Payne, grab a shotgun and a vest, and see how many FBI agents you can take down before they get the best of you? Ultra-Noir monologue NOT OPTIONAL.

Always Prosper

Rockstar has already touted this newest entry as the largest open-world game in history, which means you can believe that the gloves are going to be off when it comes to GTA 5 cheats and unlockables. They’ve included a fully explorable ocean floor, a Salton Sea wasteland, enough cityscape to make Batman tired, and a width and breadth of vehicles to make a G.I. Joe base look like a Dollar Rent-a-Car. September 17th is going to be Christmas for ridiculous GTA 5 cheats, if Rockstar’s past history has anything to say about the matter.

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