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GTA 3 and The Last Starfighter

/ Dec 15th, 2002 No Comments

While GamingIllustrated has already provided an excellent review of the mega-hit video game, GRAND THEFT AUTO 3, we suddenly realized that GTA3 may have a significant “hidden mission” and we should make our readers aware of this fact. Our theory of the “Secret GTA3 Mission” has not yet been corroborated and we are anxiously awaiting news verifying the facts and circumstances.

However, before we fully explain our theory, a brief bit of history…

In 1984, Universal Pictures released a classic sci-fi picture called “The Last Starfighter”. It became a classic movie for two reasons: (1) cinematography, and (2) script. First, in cinematography, the movie was the first to use computer-generated graphics for major portions of the film – the star fighter was clearly computer animation. Second, the script was really, really weird.

The premise was that the “good guys” on another planet were basically out of pilots for their starfighters. So, one guy dreams up a way to find new star fighter pilots: make a video game based on the fighter controls and the mechanics of space battles. He creates a bunch of video game consoles, drops them all over the earth for teenagers to play, and waits for the “super score” to be exceeded. Naturally, some kid in a trailer park beats the record, and is promptly picked up and “recruited” to be the “Last Starfighter”.

Actually, this 1984 movie was pretty good and innovative for it’s time. Importantly, it advanced the concept that video games could, in fact, be used to train personnel in important skills. Today, there are many examples of computer-based training and simulation software, including extensive programs in use by the military.

All of this raises an important question: Was “The Last Starfighter” really science fiction?

Fast forward to 2002

We now have GTA3. The premise is that you are now joining the “mob”. Now any check of the newspapers will tell you that all the old “mob guys” are old and dying off – like the Giambino crime syndicate and Frank Gotti. The mob just isn’t what it used to be… so where are they going to get new recruits? Sure you can get some dolt off the street, but he’s likely to get caught right away.

So what if the “mob” remembered the movie “The Last Starfighter” and figured out that what they needed was a video game to “teach you the trade” and to help identify those with the greatest potential for criminal success!

Of course! The result is GTA3!

So, our theory goes something like this – if you really do well in the game, and are one of the all-time best… you will likely get a call in the middle of the night… or the game will go to a blank screen – say “Hello Neo” and give you a phone number to call… guess who will be on the other end… an offer you can’t refuse….

Greg Gibson

Greg Gibson

Lead Reviewer / Editorial Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Greg Gibson’s resume spans over 40 years in the world of nuclear engineering and technology, having received a Masters Degree in e-commerce in 1998. Our resident MMORPG expert, Greg’s ability to understand the dynamics of MMOs is unparalleled.
Greg Gibson

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