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Greg’s Cheers to Gaming: E40

/ Jun 10th, 2015 No Comments

Xbox E3 Press Conference

Throughout time, man has pondered ways to make videogames more enjoyable. Like most things, alcohol was the answer. Greg’s Cheers to Gaming is a series of pieces in which editor Greg Johnson combines gaming with alcohol to make an even more interesting game.

The excitement for E3 2015 is at an all-time high and gamers are preparing for an onslaught of game announcements. The games are the stars of E3, but that doesn’t stop presenters from trying to take center stage. This typically leads to a series of highs and lows for viewers and some awkward on-stage moments for presenters. Rather than merely standing by and waiting for the next game trailer, take advantage of the quirks of presenters by playing E40, an E3 drinking game.

Electronic Entertainment Alcohol

Part press-release, part traveling circus, E3 is where the press and practitioners meet to unveil the latest games and speculate on them. All of the major players make an appearance — Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo — and the press can’t get enough of it. Part of the appeal of E3 is that it’s only open to members of the press and members of the industry. This gives it a more professional vibe while still allowing an audience.

E3 2015

That’s my trick Cap… I’m always ready.

Most everyone at E3 works in the industry on some level, and many of them can’t hide their fandom. E3 is the time for each major publisher to pull out all the stops in an attempt to wow the press and fans watching at home. That means there will be plenty of major announcements and reveals in a short period of time.

E3 Signature Drink

E40 is played with a 40 oz bottle of malt liquor. However, other drinks are acceptable if as revolting. You can use this recipe to concoct a special E3 beverage:

  • Part Effen Vodka
  • Part Eskimo Punch (raspberries and lemonade)
  • Splash of Everclear

Drinker’s Junket

You may have played drinking games similar to E40 before. Many people play a version of it while watching TV shows or movies. The game consists of drinking during specific moments. Here are some examples of moments when you should reach for a drink:

  • Whenever Phil Spencer changes his shirt
  • Every time a celebrity or athlete appears on stage
  • When a presenter is more excited about the game than the crowd
  • When a completely CGI trailer is shown (no real gameplay)
  • When Reggie Fils-Amie forces in his catchphrase — in fact just drink whenever he speaks
  • When “live play” demonstrations are obviously not live
  • When a Japanese developer looks utterly confused at what his translator is saying
  • When a history-based game deviates from actual history
  • When any interviewer becomes sexist or condescending during an interview
  • Anytime a montage of the floor is shown

This should be enough for any gamer to develop a nice buzz while watching E3. If not, there’s always the expert drunk rules in which you can just drink whenever the crowd has any sort of reaction.

E3 Eats

With all the liquor flowing, you should add some food to the menu. Make it E3 by cooking up eggs, enchiladas or Eggos. All three items have multiple variations, fit in with the E-theme and are just damn good. Also, all three are alcohol soakers that taste excellent when drunk.

We recommend these recipes:

  • Scrambled eggs lightly salted and peppered
  • Eggos covered in light butter with maple syrup
  • Enchiladas with chicken and mozzarella. Go for hot — ghost pepper hot

E3 Responsibly

Drinking responsibility isn’t just an initiative by state legislators and the police, it’s also the only way to enjoy it. Liquor is meant to be savored and enjoyed. With that all said, enjoy E3 and enjoy E40, as both are sure to delight gamers during the biggest time of the year.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Associate Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Greg is a Nintendo fanboy who would cry if they ever went third party. He writes news, previews and reviews at Gaming Illustrated.
Greg Johnson

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