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Greg’s Cheers to Gaming: Sibling Rivalry

/ Nov 23rd, 2014 No Comments

Throughout time, man has pondered ways to make videogames more enjoyable. Like most things, alcohol was the answer. Greg’s Cheers to Gaming is a series of pieces in which editor Greg Johnson combines gaming with alcohol to make an even more interesting game.

Thanksgiving is a time to treasure family, however it is also a time to hate your family so much they die from the raw carnal fury you’ve let linger and grow like a Symbiote. The cure is of course gambling and booze, two sure-fire ways to take out brunt aggression without the need for the turkey knife. The game for this article is Beyond: Two Souls and the drinking game is Beyond: Sibling Rivalry.

While currently Beyond: Two Souls only exists in the magical realm of PS3, odds are one of your siblings is rich if you are not and owes you for some long-neglected well-kept secret.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe star in Beyond: Two Souls, an interactive adventure from Quantic Dream Studios (makers of Heavy Rain & Indigo Prophecy of the same vein). Player’s control Jodie along with her spirit companion Aiden (SPOILERS: It’s HER BROTHER! GET IT?! SIBLING RIVALRY?? You’ll get it in the next part of the article) as they attempt to lead semi-normal lives and uncover the mysteries of the spirit realm that borders their own world.

Fighting must be... bad... when will we learn?!

Fighting must be… bad… when will we learn?!

Quantic Dream took major leaps with motion capture in Beyond: Two Souls and pushed forward the idea of major star-power in gaming as well as games being “interactive film”. While All three games have had their silly moments (the majority of the plot in Indigo Prophecy, the voice acting in Heavy Rain and some of the Native American bits in Beyond: Two Souls) ultimately they have all proved to be fun and breath-taking experiences that alter the notion of what games can be.

Heeeeeeey… Brother

The game of Beyond: Sibling Rivalry is played thusly: Throughout the course of the game player’s switch between Jodie and Aiden, which is where the co-op aspect of the game comes in. One sibling (preferably the female) plays as Jodie while the other (preferably male) plays as Aiden, while the gender/sex identification is not necessary, it will add to the hilarity of the petty squabbling.

Don't use my hand damn it! CHOKE YOURSELF!

Don’t use my hand damn it! CHOKE YOURSELF!

From here the objectives are as follows, the player in control of Jodie must try to make their lives better, while the Aiden counterpart does the inverse. A drink is had for each action that “progresses” the aforementioned goals and the rest of the family is welcome to side against one another and drink when their team scores.

Now there isn’t a preferred drink for this, which leads to another debate that can be had at the family gathering, with each side picking a different drink of choice. Beer versus wine is always popular as is hard liquor mixes (rum and cokes versus vodka and cranberries), but ultimately as long as each side is in agreement on their drink, the battle can begin.

Ellen Page Wants To Defeat Ghosts And Get Laid, Hilarity Ensues

Now as far as strategy there isn’t too much to be said, aside from the obvious advantage that Jodie has over Aiden, she is for the majority in control. While there are some parts where the game forces Aiden front and center, for the most part the player choosing Jodie has the ability to keep Aiden away from control and thusly from ruining her (love) life.

Livin' in da ghettooooo

Livin’ in da ghettooooo

As Aiden you have the option of trying to screw with Jodie in a number of ways, as mentioned above the main way will be romantically. There are some other options throughout that the gamer in charge of Aiden should think critically on, most notably the portions that can get Jodie killed as this will of course negatively affect Aiden. One particularly grim moment is the meeting of the sibling’s mother who lives essentially in a catatonic state, Jodie may want to let the mom live in which case Aiden can kill her to cause Jodie grief, or of course the inverse can be true.

See Spot. See Spot attack. See Spot die.

See Spot. See Spot attack. See Spot die.

Time split between Jodie and Aiden is at the player’s digression as the participants can choose to be fair and split time allowing both teams ample time to screw each other over, or the sibling in charge of Jodie can turn it into a cliché fight for the remote as player’s try to hold one another down to further their teams goals. Also important to note is that while this game is intended as a family event, like in previous articles this game can be a nice ice-breaker between friends, or a heated grudge match against a group of friends who only have an affection for Scrubs in common but constantly argue over Turk versus JD.

The Willem Dafoe Dashowdown

Ultimately players seeking Willem Dafoe’s love will be forced to make some hard decisions as the game plays on, tears will be shed, old family grudges brought up and of course the turkey will get cold causing mother to cry, ease your wrinkled eyes mother.

Jodie... did I ever tell you, about the time, I took over a small college radio station?

Jodie… did I ever tell you, about the time, I took over a small college radio station?

Despite mother’s tears and father’s incurable rage-a-holism, remember to drink responsibly and remember what Thanksgiving is about, (no, not genocide) family and the time spent together. Competition is healthy this time of year and if the gaming family, or friends close enough to be family, is looking for an alternative to a pigskin throw down, look no further than Beyond: Sibling Rivalry. Also don’t take the alley man’s money, don’t be dumb Jodie.

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Associate Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Greg is a Nintendo fanboy who would cry if they ever went third party. He writes news, previews and reviews at Gaming Illustrated.
Greg Johnson

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