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Gran Turismo 6: Come To The Next Gen Please?

/ Aug 14th, 2013 1 Comment

[adsense250itp]Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo. The racing game that changed it all and made the high school youth rejoice when their Honda Civics won races over much pricier and elite driving machines. With a game like Gran Turismo 6’s pedigree and rabid following, why not release it on the PlayStation 4 first? Sony’s rebuttal towards this natural question was that sales from having zero installed base would hamper profits or that there is still some graphical magic in the PlayStation 3 to showcase to the world. The argument for the money is likely the driving force, but Gran Turismo 6 still should have been put on the backburner for the PS4. It is Gran Turismo!

Fear of a Name

Gran Turismo 6 is a known name for racing game enthusiasts. Even that is an understatement for what Gran Turismo has done for the gaming community. The series itself is one of, if not the best selling franchises for Sony and the PlayStation(s). Before GT, racing games were a much more straightforward and action oriented affair since that is what the genre was most visibly known for due to Arcade culture. If GT6 was to release alongside the PS4, it would be the number one killer app for Sony (if not all consoles) come launch time and would fly off the shelves. Delaying titles for the next gen console is hardly an unheard of practice in the gaming industry. Whether it be for new technology to help convey their stories a la Final Fantasy X or just because it looks pretty, are all bemoaned yet accepted realities for gamers. Forza and the Dirt series are all solid games in their own right but will forever be compared and contrasted to GT (Forza more so than others).

It Will Move Consoles!

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

Well, not that Sony really needed help to sell out its initial pre-orders following the aftermath of E3. But once again, being a bonafide day one purchase would be cemented by having GT6 plastered on store walls and internet banners. It would help sustain sales as shipments of the PS4 come cascading through retail channels after the initial sellout since it can be that compelling of a game. Being an exclusive game for the PS4 (or any system) essentially defines what console gaming is all about. Asking an average gamer off the street what is the most popular title on the Xbox is, and the response would likely be ‘Halo’. Gran Turismo is just the same way except not in the same genre or as mainstream as shooters. Tech is nice, but gamers want games. GT6 would be a compelling reason for patrons to part reluctantly ways with their hard earned dough (and trusty older consoles) and embrace the next generation.

The Blizzard-itis

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

Polyphony Digital is very much like Blizzard in Activision-Blizzard. They never release their titles until they feel ready to release them. Hard dates on releases and a stream of teasers are showcased to the public but never more than that. This is not a bad thing and is pretty much an accepted sign of quality in the video game world. The last thing that gamers and developers want is a rushed title that receives scathing reviews from unforgiving internet communities. Since GT6 has most likely been in development for so long because of this, it was clearly coded for the PS3 and any work to transfer that work easily to the PS4 is a no go. That is understandable because it is a completely new hardware/software set to work with. But why not…

Dual Release it!

There is no way around it. A new GT6 engine adapted to the hardware in the PS4 is not going to happen. However, a simultaneous release of an “HD” version of Gran Turismo 6 on the PS4 alongside the PS3 version would be a win-win situation for everyone. PlayStation owners, no matter the generation, will get to enjoy in all of the tire torching madness and frustrating license tests! Right now, Driveclub for the PS4 looks intriguing but the Xbox One has a more proven ace up its sleeve with Forza Motorsport 5. Racing fans have some good titles to look forward to, but a next gen Forza versus Gran Turismo would have definitely gotten a lot of attention and rivalry amongst racing gamers. Fans timidly cross their fingers in hoping it can be done. And why not? GT 6 is worth the extra trouble. Hopefully early adopters of the PS4 get to see it sooner, rather than later.


Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales

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  • derp

    That won’t happen. The PS3 architecture is so different from the PS4 architecture that dual releasing it would require basically rebuilding the entire game.

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