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Google’s Dominance

/ Nov 21st, 2012 No Comments



It’s hard to believe that Google used to be just one of many search engines available to the masses. There may still be competitors such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and MSN, but there is little question as to who ranks at the top of the search chain. Google has even turned into a verb now. It’s as though people don’t even search for things anymore, they “Google” it. The information age has been accelerating at an exponential rate, too fast for people to actually be able to thoroughly digest and reflect on it. Google is an uncontested gladiator in the online arena. It’s important to think about what this means for all the world’s web users. Google has made things so easy, so convenient, which is awesome! But, is there a catch here?

[adsense250itp]Google has mastered its role as the primary web company for all the online services that web surfers could possibly want. Yes, it has been all about Google search for a while, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s also Google Mail, Maps, Calendar, Play, YouTube, Finance, Chrome, Translate, Wallet, News, Plus, Blogger, and countless others. It would take a few pages to name all of Google’s products, but these are not some second tier products and services. Google Play is the go-to source for Android apps, Gmail has made a name for itself as the preferred e-mail client, Calendar makes it so that your schedule and E-mail are aligned and convenient, YouTube is obviously the number one video host in the world, and Chrome is also a highly acclaimed browser for it’s simplicity and intuitiveness.

[lijit160itp]Google has now added, and continues to add games and apps that can be used directly on Google Chrome as well. They don’t just provide these services; they configure them based on users’ needs to make for the most personalized online experience possible. What would be the point of not using Google when they have everything you could possibly want to do online integrated into one interface? This is not an accident. Google has optimized their services to make it an all-in-one experience. Many people might have noticed that advertisements, products, and services that are suggested to them are more relevant than ever before. One interesting thing to do is to take a look at one person’s YouTube account, and compare it with someone else’s account. The suggestions are dramatically different. This is all the work of Google. Again, this is extremely convenient, but at what cost?

How is Google able to give people such specific suggestions? How do these bits of information manage to carry over across all the websites that the user accesses? It’s too easy. Google has access to all information. The mission statement on their website is in fact “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” People are demanding and enjoying these services, naturally. E-mails are being sent, searches are constantly being “Googled”, videos are being watched, and locations are being registered. When something is scheduled on Google Calendar, it’s so easy to set it up with a reminder for whatever time is desired in order to have time to prepare. It’s online convenience at its finest, but at the risk of personal information being at the mercy of a company that may or may not have users’ best interests in mind. Google, ever so slickly, gives people the opportunity to sign up for a Google account, whether through an Internet service from a Desktop, Laptop, or Smartphone. It’s sometimes found that information one may want to store for future searches and interactions is simply not doable without a Google account. It’s interesting when keywords that are typed in while on a Google account on a desktop, are suddenly visible as previous searches on the same user’s Smartphone. There is no limit to the amount of information that Google can have on any person at any given time.

This is already true now, but overseeing the masses’ personal information is in its infancy stage compared to what’s coming. In a stir of excitement and controversy, Google is planning to release Google Glasses. Everything that Google has created will be improved, and new features will be added, which will be translated into a seamless experience that converts everyday life and premium online services into an intricate virtual reality. See the demo here:

Google continues to push lifestyle and organizational technology forward and make life easier in every sense that the Internet can. These conveniences are enjoyed daily by billions of users. The more personal information that is given, the more intuitive and handy Google’s products and services become to individuals. Google is obviously doing something right, many things right rather; things that the people want. There is no doubt that Google has been making a lot of the right decisions, which turned it into a universal symbol for Internet use. Some websites have figured out how to appeal to certain demographics, but only Google has figured out how to have almost everyone involved in one way or another. Having said that, it’s important that people consider the repercussions of sharing personal information on a network database that saves and keeps track of everything. For a few quick laughs, search “Google taking over the world” and enjoy. To find the best results, be sure to use the best search engine available… Google.

Alejandro Grover

Alejandro Grover

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