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God’s Trigger Preview: Beyond Good & Evil

/ Oct 23rd, 2017 No Comments

God's Trigger Preview

The best part about PAX West is how things can take you by surprise; how stuff that wasn’t on your radar before can suddenly become a game you’re highly anticipating. Sometimes it’s hype, but sometimes, when playing something, you feel deep in your gut that it’ll be worth waiting for.

God’s Trigger was one of the biggest surprises at PAX West. It is undeniably stylish, but more than that it is fast, fluid and absolutely fun. In all honesty, the short demo was one of the most fun co-op experiences I’ve had in awhile.

Heaven and Hell

In God’s Trigger, you work together as an angel and a demon. The contrast of divinities results in each having different ultimate attacks, which help handle tough rooms or crowds of enemies.

The angel’s ultimate can block bullets, but leaves him vulnerable to melee attacks. The demon’s ultimate is a rage attack that can set up brutal executions.

The game is littered with normal guns and melee weapons along with special weapons that change up the gameplay a lot. It adds a level of chaos and unpredictability to things.

As you play through the game, you can level up each character and eventually upgrade them. You can gain new skills, ultimates and much more to help you tackle levels.

There is a huge benefit to work together as you’ll wrack up more points for working in tandem. Co-op is where the demo really shined.

Work Hard, Slay Hard

The twin-stick shooter genre is becoming a more crowded space with a lot of variations on the formula. It is hard to get noticed within the genre.

God’s Trigger’s approach is to offer a tough as nails, ultra violent, visceral experience that demands not only skills and reflexes, but a threshold for punishment. If you want to be reductive, it is a co-op Hotline Miami, but truthfully, it is more than that.

The co-op aspect of the game is important because your success is tied to your partner. See, you’re extremely vulnerable — one hit and you’re dead — and each level is full of deadly, dangerous goons with plenty of different guns and melee weapons angling to kill you.

God's Trigger Preview

Performing in sync nets you bonus experience points.

However, it isn’t like if your partner dies you can struggle through the rest of the level. No, you have time to save him before he dies. To do so, you have to dodge and avoid death yourself. If you don’t save your partner in time or die trying to save him, you’ve lost and have to try again.

All too often co-op is a way to add social aspects to a game that otherwise would be fine as a single-player game. God’s Trigger seems to understand co-op is an actual partnership where you not only need to rely on your partner to ease the burden of actual gameplay, but also to take care of you when you make a mistake.

The story emphasises the partnership aspect with the relationship between the demon and angel protagonists. On multiple levels, the game is urging you to work together down to the roleplay aspect.

They Sent an Angel…and a Demon

God’s Trigger can be played online or offline in co-op, which is nice when you and your buddy want to share a couch and fire exploding bullets into bad dudes or when you’re not able to be the same room and want to do the same. It can also be played solo, but the already steep difficulty gets even steeper.

God’s Trigger releases in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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