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God of War: The God of Gaming Sagas

/ Nov 8th, 2012 2 Comments

God of War
God of War

God of War

Why do we continue to play God of War?  Well, the obvious answer is that the saga continues to release high-quality games which fulfill our need for intense violence and action, stunning graphics, and a story which keeps us bedazzled with its complex web of characters from Greek mythology.  But perhaps the more subtle answer rests in the massive appeal of the franchise’s protagonist—Kratos—a Spartan warrior who transformed himself from man to god during his quest for vengeance and freedom.  Much like Kratos’ lust for power, followers of the franchise are likely to develop a lust of their own: to be like Kratos, to be able to command the power and respect that he as a man and as something more than a man commands, to be able to cause themselves to ascend to a plane which is beyond their own mortal, powerless existence.  And so, as fans, we continue to follow the saga in our own quest to take part in the growth—physical, emotional, and supernatural—of a character who began his journey not too differently than any one of us: as a human being trying to come up in this world.

[adsense250itp]Now, with the franchise’s newest release—God of War: Ascension—followers of the series will have the opportunity to fulfill their desires to be like Kratos in ways like never before. Ascension brings followers back in time (once again) to a time before Kratos was freed from Ares, a time when Kratos was much more like a man and much less like a god.  This humanization of Kratos is what will allow gamers to develop a stronger connection to him as a character—a glimmer of hope in our shared quest to rise up beyond ourselves, a quest which is incredibly seductive and keeps us coming back for more.

Perhaps more important than the creators’ decision to rewind to a time relatively early in Kratos’ tale, was their decision to include a new multiplayer dimension to the game.  This mode is sure to give players a new level of decision-making power when it comes to gameplay and their own individual journeys and thus, bring them closer to the plane of existence in which Kratos lives.  One needs only to view the multiplayer trailer to be assured of this.  With headlines throughout such as “Take Control of the Battle,” “Eliminate and Conquer,” and especially “Customize Your Warrior,” it is clear that the multiplayer aspect of the game is meant to bring a higher level of control to each individual player by providing them with options that go beyond simply shadowing Kratos in his own quest for greatness.  Now players will have the option to create a character which is of their own imagination (not that Kratos isn’t satisfactory enough) and their own unique tastes when it comes to features such as armor, weapons, powers, and even the god for which they will fight.  It is in this way that gamers will be truly able to see a little part of themselves within the great warrior which they control and thus, see their ultimate desires come to fruition, their desires of ascension.

Salvador Solis

Salvador Solis

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Salvador Solis is a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated and part of the industry coverage team.
Salvador Solis
Salvador Solis

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