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Holiday Gift Guide: The Console FPS Pro

/ Dec 5th, 2016 No Comments

FPS Pro Holiday Gift Guide

First-person shooters have always been best on PC. It has long been impossible for consoles to match the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard. But consoles have come a long way since the days of Goldeneye. Call of Duty tournaments are played on PlayStation 4s while elite controllers are available for Xbox One. Domination in first-person shooters isn’t hindered by controllers anymore.

If you’re looking for new items to add to that holiday wish list, here’s some gear that will put you on the path to becoming a pro at Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Hear They Come

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset $200 – Any competitive online player will tell you how crucial sound can be. Being able to “hear the sound of footsteps” is a bullet point on nearly every gaming headset available because little things like that matter in a match. The Elite Pro is Turtle Beach’s answer to top-tier gaming headsets, and it could become a standard for future and current pros.

Elite Pro Tournament Headset

The Elite Pro is a step towards FPS dominance with superior hearing.

Plugged directly into a controller or audio device, the Elite Pro gives high-quality sound without the use of added hardware. It picks up those tiny noises as well as the loud explosions and gunfire. Sounds come alive and the included microphone delivers clear audio. But the hidden strength of the headset is its comfort. The ear cushions use an incredibly high quality material that is soft and breathable.

The headset features Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, which allows you to remove pressure from the cups where they would normally push on glasses.

While the price is definitely at the high end, the amount of features and sound quality make this hard not to recommend.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Audio Controller $200 – If you want to make the deep dive into a truly diverse and professional gaming headset, the Tournament Audio Controller (TAC) is a must-have addition to the Elite Pro headset.

Without a doubt the TAC and headset combo is Turtle Beach’s direct answer to the popular Astro A40 headset with the Pro Amp. Tacking on an additional $200 to the Elite Pro’s price might seem daunting, but this is for gamers wanting to go all in on their sound experience.

Elite Pro T.A.C.

The Elite Pro T.A.C. is the perfect companion to providing deep,

The TAC is connected via optical audio. The DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound makes games come alive in a new way. The TAC includes Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing feature and also acts as an external USB surround sound card for PC gamers. This is a piece of gear meant to be a part of your gaming audio set up for the long run.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic $100 – Are you looking to stream your pro gaming accomplishments to the world or just trash talk a noob you quick-scoped? The Stream Mic from Turtle Beach is a new undertaking from the hardware manufacturer.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

The Turtle Beach Stream Mic gives you great voice control without a lot of fuss.

The Stream Mic is console friendly and delivers clear and crisp audio over chat or during a stream. It is easy to plug into any USB device and start talking and recording. It’s able to tune your voice with multiple settings and monitor your voice level so you don’t shout (too loudly). The microphone’s compact design is light and sturdy and isn’t an eyesore.

Exerting Control

Keymander by IOGEAR and Kaliber Gaming $100 – Whoever said you can’t bring the comforts of PC gaming to consoles has never used the Keymander. In the past, games have taken advantage of USB mice and keyboards by incorporating control layouts for them in consoles.

IOGEAR Keymander

IOGEAR’s Keymander bridges the gap between a keyboard and mouse, and console.

IOGEAR and Kaliber Gaming’s Keymander fully supports the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you’re willing to have a few wires running from the surprisingly tiny Keymander, prepare to be given a wealth of customization for your playstyle.

The Keymander software suite is packed with custom profiles that can be tailored to not only consoles but specific genres of games. Players can make tiny adjustments to mouse sensitivity, quick switch hotkey profiles, and even directly map DualShock and Xbox controller button inputs. While you can start using it out of the box, firmware and software updates ensure that the Keymander will always run efficiently. The Keymander can really change your game for the better and can also help you be better acclimated if you go back and forth between console and PC gaming.

Aim with Accuracy

Retikal Pro FPS Gaming Mouse $35 – The Retikal mouse boldly targets itself as a gaming mouse built with first-person shooters in mind. Players have nine programmable buttons to assign any way they want using Kaliber Gaming’s easy to use software. It has a sleek black design with LED backlighting. It’s comfortable in the hand but also sports an adjustable weight system where you can add or remove weights to tailor the Retikal’s handling to your needs.

Retikal Pro FPS Gaming Mouse

The sniper button puts the Retikal and you above the competition.

FPS fans will delight in the thumb-activated sniper button that is one of the mouse’s focal points. Pressing the sniper button instantly lowers the dpi setting on the mouse to make aiming easier, especially when zoomed in with a scope.

Players can create five custom profiles for the mouse and change them on the fly while letting their playstyle run amok with the sniper button. It’s one of those brilliant touches that seems like a no-brainer but is implemented in a clever, easy to understand way. The Retikal should definitely be on your list for any gaming mouse needs.

Fokus Pro Laser Gaming Mouse $50 – Where the Retikal mouse takes the cake for the sniper in your life, the Fokus laser gaming mouse offers a bit more versatility. The ambidextrous design makes this mouse perfect for gamers who aim with their left hand instead of right.

Fokus Pro Laser Gaming Mouse

The optical sensor gives the Fokus pinpoint accuracy in all shooting situations.

Eight programmable buttons and five modes give players plenty of options when diving into different shooters that often require subtle changes in reflexes. The Fokus’ real draw is the adjustable 8200 dpi laser sensor. With a lightweight but solid aluminum frame, players can speed along firing lanes and aim down the sights with pinpoint accuracy that normal optical sensors don’t provide.


Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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Ben Sheene

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