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Gaming Illustrated Plays Destiny 2 | Gaming Illustrated

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Gaming Illustrated Plays Destiny 2

/ Sep 5th, 2017 No Comments

Destiny 2 Announcement

Destiny 2 is finally here! Well, almost. The game is set to launch Sept. 6.

In anticipation of its release, watch Gaming Illustrated Senior Editor Ben Sheene livestream gameplay from Destiny 2. He starts right at the beginning of the game.

Last week, Bungie released a schedule for Destiny 2. Nightfall strikes will be available at launch. The first raid will take place Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. PT. PvP Trials competitions will begin Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. PT.

The first Destiny originally released in 2014. Bungie said that the game would have a 10-year development cycle. Although the plan obviously changed, Destiny 2 is exciting because it could provide the foundation for long-term success for the franchise.


GI Staff

GI Staff

This post features writing by members of the Gaming Illustrated staff. Thanks for reading, and follow us on Twitter @GamingIllustrat
GI Staff

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