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GamesterGear XB210 Gaming Headset Review | Gaming Illustrated

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GamesterGear XB210 Gaming Headset Review

/ Oct 21st, 2013 No Comments

GamesterGear XB210 Review

When it comes to gaming headsets, gamers have a ton to choose from. The market is oversaturated with options from high-end headsets to poor quality cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, finding a solid gaming headset for Xbox 360 without breaking the bank can be an exercise in futility. GamesterGear has found a middle ground with the Cruiser XB210 Gaming Headset. The headset delivers a solid performance at a price most gamers can afford.


The GamesterGear XB210 gaming headset comes packed with a 50 mm driver and a 30 mm bass-enhanced driver that creates a rumbling feedback effect on both earcups at appropriate times during gameplay. A detachable boom mic also comes with the headset. The speakers have a frequency response of 20 hz to 20 khz while the mic frequency response has a range of 70 hz to 15 khz.

An easy access control dongle connected to the headset has controls for game volume, bass levels, a mic chat on or off switch, and chat volume. The earcups on the XB210 are also detachable so gamers can take them off and handwash them.


Xbox 360 does not support wireless headsets so players will have to deal with several wires. The headset contains red and white audio inputs to plug into the RCA outputs on a TV. Gamers will have to plug the Xbox 360’s dual RCA cables into the XB210, then connect the headset inputs directly into the TV. The GamesterGear inputs essentially act as an interceptor, sending audio to the headset. When playing on a monitor that does not have RCA audio outputs, players will have to use an audio adapter cable which must be purchased separately.

The XB210 headset also has to connect to one of the Xbox 360’s USB ports to get power. A detachable microphone twists easily into the left speaker. To use the mic, a cord running from the headset’s control dongle must be plugged into the mic input on the bottom of the Xbox 360 controller.

GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

Setup is far from difficult but it can make for a bit of a mess. Gamers who do not have easy access to the audio outputs on the TV will want to consider leaving the headphone’s inputs connected permanently. It will mean extra loose wires but it will be easier to disconnect the headset through the USB rather than the RCA inputs.


The dual-driver speakers deliver high quality sound. Subtle background noises such as the cheers of an obnoxious fan in Madden 25 are crystal clear. Gunfire in GTA V shows off the XB210’s rumble feedback effect. The blast from Trevor’s shotgun will prompt a heavy vibration through the earcups while a less powerful gunshot from Franklin’s pistol will send a small tremor through the speakers. A nearby exploding vehicle will create a forceful shake that adds an immersive feel to the game normally reserved for players using a surround sound system.

Voice chatter sounds slightly better than the stock Xbox 360 headset. The microphone cancels ambient sounds, allowing clear commands to be communicated to other players. The voice chat volume can be adjusted on the control dongle to blend into the background of in-game sounds perfectly.

The cheaper, lightweight plastic used to make the GamesterGear XB210 raise questions about the durability of the headset. The loose earcups also dispel confidence but the design is necessary to create the rumbling effect. However, the headset holds up well after plenty of wears.


Lightweight materials and an adjustable headband ensure the XB210 fits comfortably on any gamer’s head. The top bar of the headband contains leather padding for extra comfort. The earcups are also padded and lined with cloth so gamers will have no problem wrapping them around their ears for hours at a time.

A gaming headset is essentially useless if it is not comfortable. Fortunately, the XB210 performs well in that category. Gamers will have no problem keeping the headset on for hours on end. Breathability in the ears means players will not feel the heat and sweat normally associated with long play sessions while wearing the headset. However, the looseness of the earcups with the headset on is the only complaint as the sound and feel of plastic hitting plastic can be awkward.

Closing Comments

At a suggested price of $109.99 and a cheaper listed price of $89.99 on Amazon, the GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 gaming headset represents a solid value for gamers. Similar headsets cost at least $50 more and upwards of $300 or more in total. The headset delivers high quality sound and even boasts the unique ability to feel rumble effects based on in-game events. However, the plastic build may wear easily and players who do not enjoy dealing with wires will be disappointed by the headset’s setup.

The XB210 does not provide a true surround sound experience but it does produce quality sound in a comfortable, affordable package.


Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

Chief Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ryan Bloom is a writer and avid gamer from Orange County. He received a B.A. in Communications with a minor in American Studies from California State University, Fullerton in 2010. Follow him on Twitter @BloomsTweets.
Ryan Bloom
Ryan Bloom

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



Sound quality is surprisingly loud and crystal clear. While the headset can't replace a surround sound system, gamers will be able to hear all layers of sound in every game.


The plastic materials are lightweight but they do raise questions about the durability of the headset. Fortunately, the headband is the only area where the headset cheaps out.


The XB210 is one of the best gaming headsets at its current price. Most affordable headsets are poor quality but the XB210 does not sacrifice performance for price.


Gamers will have no problem keeping the headset on for several hours at a time. However, all the loose wires involved with setup can get in the way.

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