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For Honor Switching to Dedicated Servers

/ Jul 27th, 2017 No Comments

For Honor

For Honor is switching to dedicated servers in a future update, Ubisoft announced in a post detailing the content coming to the game’s new seasons.

After its launch in February, For Honor has received 12 major updates meant to fix technical issues and balance gameplay. Around the game’s launch many players complained of server issues which often impacted the stability and performance of the online PvP-centric game.

Ubisoft Montreal developed For Honor as a game where players engaged in intense melee combat with each other. However, the game’s reliance on player-hosted servers often went at odds with the mechanics. Players with connections of varying qualities would often miss attacks, use lag to gain an advantage, or teleport around the battlefield.

For Honor getting dedicated servers.

For Honor getting dedicated servers.

An even larger issue was created when the player hosting a match would leave or get disconnected and cause the entire match to pause and wait for the game to migrate to a new host. Dedicated servers are a large undertaking for the development team but they are hoping to constantly improve match connections until the switch to dedicated servers happens.

Combat is undergoing some changes to address how often players rely on straight defense. Once a hero runs out of stamina they will be more vulnerable. Damage received when blocking an attack is being raised from around 10 percent to 18 percent. Parrying attacks also no longer rewards a free guard break, slightly nerfing the move.

Duel Tournaments are being introduced to the game that will grant exclusive rewards the further player go into the tournament. These matches will also introduce a ranking system that will allow players to compare their skills against the rest of the world. The mode will follow the game’s Faction War metagame and reset each season.

Season 3 of For Honor rolls out this August through November. It introduces a beta version of Duel Tournaments, two new heroes, two new maps, a new reputation level cap, new legendary rarity for armor and weapons, and new vanity items including emotes and outfits.

Season 4 begins in November and concludes in February 2018. It will include a new 4v4 PvP game mode, extended the ranking system to 4v4, a new “training arena” mode, a new tutorial, two new heroes, two new maps, new weapons and armor, and more vanity items.

For Honor Warrior’s Den Weekly Stream


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