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Five Xbox 720 Games We Want Revealed at the Microsoft Event

/ May 7th, 2013 2 Comments

Xbox 720
Halo 5

Will Halo 5 be teased?

The next generation of gaming will shift into high gear on May 21 when Microsoft announces the first details of the next Xbox. One of the seemly decisive factors for the upcoming throw-down between Sony’s PS4 and the Xbox 720 is the crop of exclusive titles – something that Sony has owned during this gen.

Microsoft has slowly slipped away from exclusives and relied heavily on third party support. But as Sony continues to reveal more exclusives, Microsoft will be forced to show something that will attract gamers to the Xbox that they can’t get anywhere else. So here are five titles that have yet to be announced that we would love to see Microsoft show off when they take the stage later this month and, hopefully, once again utilize the slogan of “Only on Xbox”.

[adsense250itp]Halo 5

While a bit cliched as it goes against the basis for complaints against Microsoft for over-utilizing their franchises, there is still no name in gaming more synonymous with the Xbox than Halo. Halo 4 showed that the franchise didn’t need Bungie as much as Bungie needed Halo. 343 Industries did the title justice and seemed to make gamers forget about ODST and Reach. We know it’s coming to the console; the question is just when, so why delay the inevitable Microsoft? Just show us already!

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake is one of those titles that shocked the gaming world when it finally saw the light of day; especially considering it had remained in development from 2005 until its release in May of 2010. Though it didn’t feel like a game that had been given more than five years in the creation process, it was a solid title that gave the market a unique shot of action-horror that had not been achieved in quite some time. An expansion was released in the form of Alan Wake: American Nightmare but very little has been heard with regards to a direct sequel to the first title. What should be another franchise in Microsoft’s arsenal has instead been shelved up to this point. Nothing like a spiffy new console to bring out the best in one’s library…

Fable 4

Fable still has potential to bring out another title should Lionhead so choose but what direction they would take is anyone’s guess. They could reboot the series to change the image of the franchise completely or continue on with a new protagonist for the story and label it as the fourth title in the series. It would be a bit of a surprise, but a very welcomed one indeed.

A Conker Sequel to Live and Reloaded

That pesky, raunchy squirrel has been retired since the days of the original Xbox. It’s also yet another franchise that Microsoft owns the exclusive rights to that they have neglected.  A new Conker game might not be the title that wins the next generation battle, but it provided gamers with a different type of gameplay and humor that has been absent in gaming for quite sometime.

Left 4 Dead 3

Plenty of titles have attempted to replicate or even capitalize on the popularity of zombies. Still, none have provided the helter-skelter and mayhem that is found within the Left 4 Dead franchise. The Left 4 Dead series hasn’t been seen in awhile but it would make perfect sense for a new title to be released on the next generation of consoles. While there isn’t much of a story to be had, the chaotic first person co-op shooter experience can’t be replicated so why continue to allow others to even try and just show us some splattered hordes of zombies in all of its graphical beauty?

Aaron Cooley-Themm

Aaron Cooley-Themm

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Aaron is a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated.
Aaron Cooley-Themm

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2 responses to “Five Xbox 720 Games We Want Revealed at the Microsoft Event”

  1. halo wars 2,halo 2,halo 5,armored core for answer 2, star wars battlefront 3, kotor1,and 2 hd ,and a new dragon ball z game thats what i want to see.

  2. Eniena says:

    Shenmue III: I know that’s a huge pipe dream but that’s the only game I’ll consider a valid reason for me to finally dump my old Xbox in favor of a next generation console.

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