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5 Reasons You Need Destiny

/ Sep 8th, 2014 No Comments


With thousands of players prepared to meet their Destiny, there are still a few wondering if the latest endeavor from Bungie will be worth a purchase.

If you are still on the fence when it comes to Destiny, these five reasons will explain why you need to give the game a shot. Plus, all your friends will be playing.

1. Lone Wolf and Team Player

Destiny is more fun with others. With the inclusion of PvP combat and PvE missions requiring a set number of players, the game is built for multiplayer. Despite this, Bungie has ensured an open world type of exploration and instanced missions that will allow players to get the full flavor of Destiny solo, should the urge arise.

Two's company, but three's a raiding party.

Two’s company but three’s a raiding party.

For those worrying the online aspect of the story missions might feel less special with multiple Guardians, Bungie has already shown its chops in the Halo franchise by having co-op campaigns that do not diminish the fun or worthiness of the single-player experience. While games like GTA V have allowed provided massive multiplayer environments, Destiny appears to be the first that offers a serious contender against PC MMOs.

2. The 10-Year Plan

Bungie has said time and again that the plan for Destiny extends far beyond the initial release. With a promised 10-year plan, Bungie has laid out a course for updates that will ensure players not only stick around, but are consistently engaged with new content.

And you will own everything the light touches, or see if you can shoot it.

And you will own everything the light touches, or see if you can shoot it.

Destiny is looking to approach online content with a World of Warcraft-style approach, which will be the game’s greatest asset. Content is already planned for release later this year and next year, with more sure to follow. Much of this content will be free, but larger DLC packs will follow the market trend of paid DLC.

3. Plot… In Space!

The universe of Destiny is huge. A fair handful of starting planets (with large environments to explore) offers exploration that will drain countless hours (and many of the areas will be explored again as players complete the various story quests).

Brazzer's tag not included.

Brazzer’s tag not included.

The beta teased players with some of the story that players will experience, but a lot remains to be seen and explored. Going back to the 10-year plan, not only will Bungie release multiplayer map content, but story content as well. A variety of enemy types and classes, each planet offering its own unique atmosphere, and the mystery of The Traveler will keep players engrossed in the world of Destiny.

4. Multi-Platform Release

Don’t own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Destiny is also coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which stands as an olive branch from Bungie as the company will offer the hottest game of the year to those who have held off on upgrading. Additionally, Bungie announced a digital upgrade program for last-gen purchases.

Hello Major Tom, are you receiving?

Hello Major Tom, are you receiving?

While there will be a noticeable difference in graphics between the console versions of Destiny, the game will run smooth and flow well on last-gen consoles and provide an exceptional gaming experience. Finally, while disappointing that players on an older generation console can’t play with their newer counterparts, this separation will ensure pixel count doesn’t determine the advantage in PvP matches.

5. The Voices In Your Head

Who’s voicing Destiny? Peter Dinklage, Nathon Fillion, Lance Reddick, and Gina Torres, just to name a few. The game boasts an expansive world with top quality voice actors to draw in players. Mixed with an expansive sci-fi soundtrack, Destiny is going to be a welcomed auditory assault.

Death from above baby.

Death from above baby.

Games like Beyond: Two Souls have already made it clear that picking big name stars is the wave of the future in gaming, and Destiny is following suit. While most names are already known, hopefully the tight-lipped Bungie developers still have a few surprises left in store.


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