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5 Arguments to Settle With 1-2-Switch

/ Mar 14th, 2017 No Comments

1 2 Switch

People love to argue. But how do you settle arguments? Do you play rock-paper-scissors or eeny, meeny, miny, moe? Do you draw straws or pick a number between one and 10? With the release of 1-2-Switch, another tool for disagreement-settling has arrived. No longer must we fight amongst ourselves in eternal bickering.

Here are five arguments you can settle through the mini-games of 1-2-Switch.

5. What to Eat For Dinner

In today’s society, there are far too many choices for where to get food. Therefore, the “what do you want for dinner” argument has become way too common an occurrence, especially amongst significant others or roommates.

1-2-Switch presents a natural solution with its Eating Contest mini-game.

1-2 Switch

Will this image ever get old? Probably not.

In this game, players attempt to eat “food” as quickly as possible by simulating the act on their Joy-Cons. So, obviously, the winner of this mini-game will decide what to eat for dinner.

4. Who Will Put the Baby to Sleep?

Having a baby requires finding a compatible mate and then waiting nine months. I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of it, but there’s other stuff involved with babies too — like when they wake up in the middle of the night. Who has to get out of bed at 3 a.m. to put the baby back to sleep?

This can be easily decided with a game of Baby in 1-2-Switch, preferably before retiring to bed.

1 2 Switch

Go ahead, admire my child.

In Baby, players attempt to rock a baby to sleep, then gently set it down. The baby in this scenario is the Nintendo Switch, which you actually hold and rock while a virtual baby appears in screen. It’s not weird at all.

Whoever puts the Nintendo baby to sleep faster wins this game. Clearly, the loser needs more practice, so he or she will get some the next time your actual baby awakens from slumber.

3. Who’s Going to Walk the Dog?

Dogs need to walk sometimes, but humans are lazy sometimes. If you are fighting over who has to walk the dog, a quick game of Beach Flag can help you settle the score.

Beach Flag 1-2-Switch

No sand required.

Beach Flag requires players to run in place as quickly as possible to be the first to reach a flag. Once they reach the flag, players must raise their Joy-Con in the air to collect it and win.

The loser needs to more exercise and thus gets to go for a brisk walk with the dog.

2. Who Has to Make an Important Call?

Calling your friends may be fun, but phoning customer service to cancel your subscription can be time-consuming and tedious. So who has to make the call? A match of Telephone in 1-2-Switch can help you find out.

1 2 Switch

Hello … It’s me.

In Telephone, players compete to see who can answer the phone fastest by picking up their Joy-Con from a flat position and yelling “Hello” into it. The loser better be prepared for some horrible hold music.

1. What Movie Will You Watch?

Thanks to Netflix, you have many viewing options without ever having to leave your house. But what happens when you and your significant other can’t agree on what movie to watch? There’s a game in 1-2-Switch for that.

Settle the score with Wizard — you may be in the mood for a Harry Potter marathon after.

1 2 Switch

You’re a lizard, Barry.

Players cast spells at their opponents and dodge incoming magic in Wizard by thrusting the Joy-Con. Timing is crucial. Casting spells too aggressively leaves you open to enemy attacks.

The winning duelist casts a spell of mind-control on his or her opponent, so technically both parties agree on the evening’s entertainment.


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Greg Johnson

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