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Five Amazing Skyrim Photos

/ Mar 15th, 2013 No Comments

Snow Dragons



Skyrim, better known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is an action RPG game by Bethesda. The game is extremely popular and can be played on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. For PC owners, taking screenshots and sharing them is extremely easy. For gamers on console systems, the process is a lot harder unless they happen to invest in a unit like the Elgato Game Capture HD device. As many already know, the game is extremely photo realistic, especially with the many high-quality mods available in the Steam Marketplace, which is exclusively available to PC players. Among those mod add-ons that are considered must-haves, the free Skyrim: High Resolution Texture Pack DLC stands above the rest.

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Gamers love to demonstrate support for their favorite video games by displaying wallpapers showing off amazing photos from those games. Below are five amazing Skyrim photos along with a description about them. Please note that there might be some spoilers below so if you are worried about ruining some of the end-game story for yourself, tread carefully. Included for each photo pack are three resolution sizes: 2560×1440, 1920×1080, and 1600×900 and each photo is wallpaper-worthy. Clicking the thumbnail for each image will show the complete image more clearly and each file has an associated ZIP file that you can download with all three resolution versions inside.

Photo 1: Off and Away on a Dragon’s Back

A Dragon's Back

A Dragon’s Back

In the later stages of the game, heroes will get the opportunity to take their Dragonborn on a quest that will eventually lead to the final battle against the dragon, Alduin. Reaching the lair that he hides in is only accessible from the air and eventually gamers find a dragon willing to have his life spared in exchange for a ride to the hidden camp. While gamers do not actually control the dragon, the flight out is spectacular and in this photo the ride is captured wonderfully. This photo highlights some of the amazing cloud and skies created in the game, as well as a very picturesque video of the mountains outside of Dragonreach.

Download the Skyrim Photo 1 Pack.

Photo 2: A Happy Wedding Day



One of the quirks of the game is that with one of the side quest lines a character can actually marry one of the people met in travels that feels good about knowing you. Attaining this type of rapport with someone within Skyrim is typically done by completing a line of quests for that person who will then treat you in a kinder tone of voice. Once a player asks one of these eligible characters (not everyone in Skyrim can be married) you can get married and the ceremony is typically attended by three to four random NPCs. In this photo, the Jarl of Whiterun happens to attend the touching and memorable ceremony.

Download the Skyrim Photo 2 Pack.

Photo 3: Daedric Armored Hero

Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor

This is a personal favorite, with the hero prominently featured in the screenshot fully decked out in daedric armor. Also armed with two dragon-crafted pieces, the sword and the shield, the hero has made one final swipe to finish off an enemy. The photo has some of the stylistic blurring that occurs in both video games and movies during an extremely intense action sequence. In the background the serene mountain begins to see snow fall, an interesting juxtaposition against the sharp, starkly dressed hero in the foreground.

Download the Skyrim Photo 3 Pack.

Photo 4: Standing Among the Dragons

Snow Dragons

Snow Dragons

This is an absolutely amazing photo from within the actual gameplay of Skyrim. Located at the Throat of the World, our hero is still clad in the impressive daedric armor from Photo 3. The detail on the armor is really amazing, considering the amount of snow and frost clearly shown in this photo. Behind our hero, on dragon sits perched on a small hill made of rocks while two others fly around in the background. This picture really captures the heart of the cold chill of the North that serves as the setting for the game.

Download the Skyrim Photo 4 pack.

Photo 5: We Know

We Know

We Know

While this might not be the most gorgeous shot taken from the game, it might be the most ominous of all five. Not all players will receive this note and even more will never understand its meaning. But for the chosen few, they will gain the opportunity to join the Dark Brotherhood. Only available when less-than-noble quests are completed, the Dark Brotherhood will inform you that they know of your deeds. Eventually, gamers will be approached by an emissary granting them the opportunity to join.

Download the Skyrim Photo 5 pack.

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