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Fishing Joy 2 (iOS) Review: Oceanic Assault

/ Jul 20th, 2012 No Comments

Fishing Joy 2 by Punchbox Studios

Fishing Joy 2 by Punchbox Studios

Fishing Joy 2 by Punchbox Studios

Fishing Joy 2: a gruesome pseudo-fishing game for your iPhone and iPad. Kidding, Punchbox Studios didn’t actually release a grisly game about slaughtering unprovoked, little fish. At least, they probably didn’t mean to.

Fishing Joy 2 is a misleading title because it insinuates you’re a fisherman who is catching fish. Perhaps you’re trying to feed your family or your name is Santiago and you have a date with a giant marlin. But that’s not what’s happening in Fishing Joy 2. There isn’t any joy in this game. You’re a murderer with an underwater cannon and you’re destroying the oceanic ecosystem for MONEY and PEARLS.


There isn’t an explicit story in Fishing Joy 2, so let me explain what the player does. You have a high-powered underwater cannon. You’re going to use that cannon to blast fish to smithereens. When you repeatedly shoot the fish, they will eventually die and explode with coins. These coins act as recharging mechanism for your cannon. Explode fish to collect more coins for your cannon. That’s it. That’s the story. That’s the whole vicious cycle. No, you don’t have some awesome aquarium where you can store your cool fish and no, there aren’t any cool fish. It’s just hammerheads and turtles swimming about minding their own fishy business until you blast them out of water and into hell. Sounds macabre? Yeah, well it is, Punchbox Studios. It is.


As I already mentioned, you have an underwater cannon that shoots lasers at fish and brutally kills them. However, you don’t have just one type of cannon. You can get upgrades to have a fancier, deadlier cannon with fancier, deadlier lasers. Higher level cannons take out larger fish more easily while lower level cannons may take multiple shots (and multiple coins). Don’t forget that when using a higher powered cannon, you’ll want to aim for bigger fish. The bigger the fish, the more coins you get from murdering it. The higher powered the cannon, the more coins you spend shooting it. So the idea is the more badass your cannon, the more rare and beautiful creature you’ll need to mercilessly blow up. If you’re careless with your coin counting and run out of ammo, don’t worry. You can either buy more coins with real human money or just wait two hours and receive a coin reward. In other words, Punchbox Studios will continuously support your murderous rage by any means necessary. If you do have coins, eventually you’re going to fully charge your cannon which makes for one giant, lethal kill. Supercharged cannons can kill multiple fish at once – genocide!!! In addition, sometimes the words “Fishing season is here!” will drift across your screen. This is the cue for all the fish to line up perfectly so you can kill them execution style. Do you see how disturbing this game really is?

Blow Up Nemo ... Seriously.

Blow Up Nemo … Seriously.

Occasionally you will collect little cards. Activate the cards by tapping your screen to play a minigame or access a volcano perk that kills all the fish and their families (Listen, do you hear their screams?). Some minigames include locating a pearl that will award you more coins but LOOK OUT. If you’re not careful you will locate a crab instead of a pearl and, in turn, may win NOTHING. I’m curious as to why I wasn’t allowed to destroy the one animal I actually hated; some weird, kleptomaniac crab. I feel like this was cheap and unfair.

Whenever you get tired of decimating an entire underwater habitat, you can move on to new geographic locations. The backgrounds at these locations vary little, but the giant map on the main menu lets you know whether you’re annihilating a protected coral reef or not. So happy hunting, natural environment haters.


The graphics to “Kill All The Fish: Killer Rage 2″ reminded me of an upgraded Odell Down Under (a shout out to all who remember that awesome game.) Dragon fish, sea turtles, and hammerhead sharks all glide seamlessly on your Apple screens. Little clown fish, the same species from Finding Nemo, also happily swim along until they’re vaporized by your death cannon. The graphics are cute and well done for an iPhone/iPad game and overall get a thumbs up.


Imagine Jimmy Buffet dressed as a pineapple and singing beach music. Whatever you’re hearing, that’s the soundtrack for this game. The sound of your laser cutting into a fish isn’t as realistic as you would expect. The “pew pew” and strange crushing sound when making contact with the fish does not accurately represent just how painful the laser burn really is. More importantly, when Nemo writhes and wiggles out his last breaths of life, his death is silent. I feel the sounds and music of Fishing Joy 2 are a malevolent guise for its true, sinister personality.


Overally, Fishing Joy 2 was pretty repetitive. Shoot fish, collect coins, curse at the crab stealing all your money. Also, Fishing Joy 2 is evil. It’s an evil minigame about eviscerating all life from oceanic ecosystems across THE GLOBE. I cannot recommend this game in good moral faith, but if you’re into mini shooting games and like hurting things, 99c for Fishing Joy 2 may be worth it.

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