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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy Agito Coming to US

/ Jun 14th, 2014 No Comments

Final Fantasy Type-0

Square Enix announced two new Final Fantasy titles coming to North America during E3 2014. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy Agito are both coming to the United States but Square gave no information on their release dates.

Type-0 HD is a HD remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0. The game released on the PlayStation Portable only in Japan during 2011. Final Fantasy HD Type-0 will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Originally the game began as a mobile game titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII and tied into the Final Fantasy XIII Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Eventually it shifted to the PSP under the Type-0 title as the Fabula Nova Crystallis series dissolved.

Final Fantasy Agito

Final Fantasy Agito

Final Fantasy Agito is a companion game and sequel to Type-0. The game released in Japan back in May for iOS and Android devices. Square confirmed the title will receive a Western release for iOS and Android devices.

Agito takes players to the war-torn land of Orience, the setting for both Agito and Type-0. Players assume the role of a cadet in the Dominion of Rubrum tying to become Agito. Agito is the foretold savior of Orience. Agito features character customization, player choice and missions.

Final Fantasy Agito

Final Fantasy Agito

Players will create unique characters that will interact with other cadets and key characters from Type-0 in Akademeia. Players can make decisions at Akademeia that will affect the history of the game and the worldwide player community.

Additionally, players can take on missions to earn experience and find/craft their ultimate weapons from Akademeia. The game also features large-scale, co-op battles with powerful enemies featuring the entire Agito population.

Final Fantasy Agito will be available as a free download with in-app purchases on iOS and Android devices.

Quick Take

Finally! Square has been giving the runaround about a US localization for Type-0 for years. Many figured if Type-0 did make it to the US that it would be as a digital Vita port. But in typical Square fashion, it went the entire different direction by giving the game an HD remaster and next-gen release. Ultimately a PS4/Xbox One version makes more sense financially since it can reach a much larger section of gamers instead of just handheld/Vita owners. Oh, and there is also the free-to-play Agito coming to America too, so that’s something.


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