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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Agito Achieved

/ Apr 1st, 2015 No Comments

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD

Listen up, cadets. So you want to be Agito? Do you want to save Rubrum from the vipers surrounding it? As Class Zero, you have the best chance of being the salvation for the Dominion, but you’ll need to be diligent, mindful, and thorough for that to happen. Here are some tips if you want to achieve Agito.

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Time

Grinding is a bummer. It becomes even more tiresome when you have 14 cadets to worry about, but there is a remedy for the weary of grinding. In the training area of the academy, you can take part in secret training missions. This allows one Class Zero cadet to embark on a mission while you’re not playing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Doing this once earns you “Hard Work’s Reward.”

You can still take on missions from the main menu to get some extra experience and complete other business. The longer you are away from the game, the more experience your cadets will earn (you max out at about a day’s worth of extra training), but you want to play and continue helping the Dominion, so prepare to time travel.

Once you’ve put a cadet into secret training, head back to the main menu and the settings. Go to area to set the time and date and begin your goofy adventures in time. Fast forward the system clock about a day or more, load up your save, and watch that glorious experience and levels roll in. Repeat this with all team members as much as you feel like doing the tedious time travel work, and enjoy easy leveling up.

The best time to do this is once you’ve reach level 28-30 because grinding is a bit difficult among the 14 cadets, and the secret training will gain you about three levels per turn. After reaching level 40, the returns are diminishing and the work might wear on you, but it’ll help you get past some of the tougher parts of the game and allow you to take on the expert trials.

Don’t Be Afraid to Refuse Backup

Sure you have 14 of the roughest cadets to rely on during missions when things get tough. However, don’t fear cutting the safety net and going into a mission with a tidy crew. In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you can replay any mission once you have cleared it in the main game. This is useful for grabbing some nifty trophies.

Once you’re pretty strong, say at level 20-ish, retry the mission “The Cadets’ First Deployment.” It is an easy mission to clear quickly, and the best one to prepare for later game missions when your reserves are cut down. What you’ll want to do is take on the mission three times. First, you’ll want to refuse help from SPP backup. Then, select a team made only of three of your finest cadets. Put only three in reserve, as they will act as your main deployment.

It is a bonus if each member has a yellow border around their names as they’ll be primed. Run through the mission as best you can. You can run straight through to the end Lieutenant and end it if so inclined. Successfully completing the mission will earn you the honor of being “A Select Few” and “Top Form in the Field.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Become an Army of One.

After showing you are among the select few, it is time to prove your real worth. Next, run through the mission with only two cadets in reserve that will act as your main deployment. It is more difficult, but don’t be afraid to trust your partner. Completing the mission will be all the more sweet because you will gain victory over “A Lonely Battle.”

With your mettle firmly tested, it is time to go solo. Try the mission one more time, this time only selecting the best of the best among your cadets. Set the finest of Class Zero in your reserve, whom will act as your single deployment. If you have Jack with a fully upgraded “Lightning Flash,” he can wreck shop easily by spamming the move.

Take the time to run through the entire area felling all soldiers and collecting their phantoma. Be quick about it though because it is a race against time. Complete the mission to demonstrate just what a badass you are. This will show the Dominion what “An Army of One” can do when you put your mind to it. If you’re lucky, the mission will achieve an S-ranking and earn you “Perfect Marks.”

Be Well Rounded

While demonstrating battle prowess is important, it is equally vital to have a well-rounded education. When you’re at the Rubrum peristylium, take time to speak with all 13 class moogles. They are an important part of the academy and have useful information for you. To find them, just wander through the academy. Once the airships are back in commission, speak with them all and become a “Moogle Mingler.”

Avoiding the Veil

Performing SOs aren’t always easy and the penalty is stiff, but failure isn’t always death. Cadets can avoid oblivion fairly easily once they unlock the “Slipstream” ability, which grants you unlimited dodges in a row. If you want to defy fate actively, you can purposefully fail an SO with Ace. Use his slipstream to dodge out of the way of the large portals that appear on the floor for failing an SO. Successfully dodge the three golden portals aiming to take you under to prove you’re “Above the Law.”

Remembering the Dead

When a soldier falls in battle, their existence is wiped from memory, leaving only a foggy hint they lived. To honor the fallen, each soldier is given a knowing tag and turns it into their commanding officer before heading into battle. Sometimes, a knowing tag doesn’t get turned in, and sadly the soldier becomes nothing. When you recover tags, turn them into the Class Eight moogle at the entrance.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

We be poppin’ tag.

Pick up knowing tags around the battlefield as you complete missions. While you’ll find a good deal of them during your crusade to save Rubrum, there is a way to find them quicker. “The Battle of Judecca” mission is a bloody affair with many casualties. Knowing tags are littered throughout the mission. Completing the mission several times is a good way to recover knowing tags to level up your cadets. Honoring 25 of your fallen bretheren will give them “Mortal Validation.”

Communing with the Eidolons

Eidolons are powerful allies that can provide great aide for those willing to sacrifice. In the course of the Dominion’s campaign for survival, you will form pacts with five powerful eidolons. However, there are many more to call to your side. Many are rewards for taking on the tough expert trials.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Get yourself some Vulcan.

One easy eidolon to earn during “The Battle of Judecca” is Vulcan, an uncontrollable class-Ifirit summon. To form a covenant with Vulcan, simply accept the SO in the battle with the fearsome Mikazuchi early in the mission. Fell the beast with your active leader and complete the mission to earn Vulcan and the title of “The Beastmaster.”

Death from Above

One easy to miss elements in your journey to save Rubrum is gaining access to the Setzer airship. To ensure you gain an airship of your very own, make sure to pause a moment in Chapter 7. Complete the first story mission, but finish any business around the academy beforehand. After the mission ends, you will find yourself back at the academy entrance. Go to the Dominion Tribune that handles expert trials and take on the “Operation Homecoming” trial.

Now head out into the overworld and make your way to Bazz in West Nestor. It is to the west of Cetme in Militesi territory past Meroe. Complete “Operation Homecoming” — it should be short if you’re at level 45. After finishing the trial, re-enter Bazz. When in Bazz, head to the end of the city and talk to the nice lady to take on the Silent Key task (not completely necessary, but it’ll gain you a growth egg for completing it and you’re heading there anyway).

When you leave Bazz, you need to head southwest to Veill Desolands. There will be several Behemoth Kings in front of a small inlet with a cave. Use a Chocobo to avoid the Behemoth Kings as best you can. Stack your least valuable cadets to sacrifice in case one sneaks up on you. Enter Silent Key, which will have a cave area entrance. Save at the crystal up front, prepare and make your way to the tunnel entrance at the end of the cave.

Inside the tunnels, you will need to clear out several level 44 Iron Giants and Red Giants. Killing one Iron Giant completes your request, but you need to take out all of them to gain the Setzer. Iron Giants are tough, but manageable. Whittle down its HP until it is a sliver, then dodge and time right to land a killstrike on the Iron Giant. Red Giants are tougher, but not unbeatable.

Make sure to activate each control switch in the four side areas of the main concourse to free the Setzer. Don’t miss the useful items in each room either, they are glints on the floor. After clearing all the Iron and Red Giants, head into the Setzer air cabin to activate “the Ark of Agito.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Agito Status.

Once the Setzer is yours, you will be in the air with a bunch of enemies. Take some time to destroy 50 of these dragons or air carriers to gain another feather in your cap as “the Master Marksman.” The skies are now yours.

One More Gen

Even though you made your choice and decided how you wanted it to end, you should play through Type-0 again. A second playthrough is a good opportunity to enjoy some conversations around the academy that you missed, finish lingering business (trophies/achievements), get more eidolons, and complete expert trials. One huge bonus in a second playthrough is the ability to go on alternative story missions. These missions are often interesting and net some additional story elements. An additional playthrough is also a good way to ensure you hit Agito status.


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