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Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood Release Date Announced | Gaming Illustrated

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Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood Release Date Announced

/ Dec 26th, 2016 No Comments

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood, the second expansion for the MMO, will release on June 20, 2017, Square Enix revealed.

The date was announced at the game’s Fan Festival in Tokyo over the weekend where Final Fantasy 14 players celebrated with content catering to the long-running MMO’s fanbase.

Stormblood takes place in the area of Ala Mhigo where players do battle against the villain Zenos. The expansion raises the level cap from 60 to 70 while introducing new jobs, story content, dungeons, Primal fights, and raids. The Red Mage class is the only new job announced so far, bringing ranged and melee DPS through the use of a rapier and spells.

Final Fantasy 12 fans will be happy to know that Yasumi Matsuno, director of Final Fantasy 12, is creating and writing an alliance raid called “Return to Ivalice.” Omega Weapon, a boss that has appeared throughout the series, will make his Final Fantasy 14 debut in a new raid.

Nobuo Uematsu is composing the expansion’s main theme. Swimming is also being introduced with Stormblood, allowing players to explore the waters of new areas. Only a select few areas from the base game can be explored by water. A collector’s edition of the game was also announced. It includes a figure of Zenos, an art book, a cloth map of Eorzea, and a collector’s box featuring art by Yoshitaka Amano, and a car decal.

Quick Take

Heavensward, Final Fantasy 14’s first expansion, released in 2014 and greatly expanded the base experience of the game. Since its relaunch as A Realm Reborn, Square Enix and Final Fantasy 14 have welcomed millions of new players. It remains one of the few games to charge a monthly subscription yet has grown into a celebrated and popular MMO.

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