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EU LCS 2014 Spring Split Week 2

/ Jan 27th, 2014 No Comments

The second week of the EU LCS 2014 Spring Split wrapped up with Alliance gaining ground and ROCCAT continuing to surprise players and fans alike. A total of eight games were played over the course of two days.

In the opening game, Millenium took on Alliance. With no wins, Alliance was set to gain a victory. Throughout the game, Aliiance applied pressure to all points of the map. While Alliance as a team had no Dragon control, stronger rotations and team fighting enabled the team to take the game from Millenium.

The second game featured ROCCAT versus Supa Hot Crew. ROCCAT’s Mid Player, Overpow, had an impressive showing this game with the champion Mordekaiser. He garnered a huge crowd cheer upon selecting this character. With key initiations by Support Player VandeR on Thresh and Jungler Jankos on Pantheon, the team was able to outpush Supa Hot Crew, take objective after objective, and secure the victory.

Copenhagen Wolves took on Millenium for the third game. Despite some good early plays by Millenium’s Jungler Araneae, the Copenhagen Wolves were able to outplay and take further objectives, with Mid Player cowTard making Teleport ganks on Kassadin and Jungler Amazing pressuring and peeling on Lee Sin. Copenhagen Wolves won the game, pulling ahead from the mid game.

The fourth game pitted Gambit Gaming against SK Gaming. Both teams showcased unorthodox picks, with Gambit Gaming’s Jungler Diamond playing Zed and SK Gaming’s Top Player fredy122 playing Tristana. Gambit Gaming took advantage of SK Gaming’s Jungler, Svenskeren, catching him out for kills and applying pressure on objectives when possible. With team fights in Gambit Gaming’s favor, AD Player Genja was able to pull ahead and close out the game.

Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming shaking hands after a game. Gambit took the game, despite SK Gaming holding off in their base well.

Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming shaking hands after a game. Gambit took the game, despite SK Gaming holding off in their base well.

In game five, Alliance faced off against Copenhagen Wolves. Alliance’s Star Mid Player, Froggen, was able to kill freely around the map with roams and lane kills. The combination of Jungler Shook and Support Nyph’s initiations from Vi and Leona respectively was key to Alliance’s victory.

The sixth game pitted ROCCAT against Gambit Gaming. Both teams are well known for their team play but ROCCAT showed a better display of team fighting. Gambit Gaming’s Jungler Diamond also chose to play the champion Shen, which had very little impact in the game. ROCCAT’s Mid Player, Overpow, was allowed to play Kayle, which proved to be fatal for Gambit Gaming. ROCCAT took the game with a decisive victory.

Fnatic played Supa Hot Crew in the seventh game. Fnatic’s Mid Player, xPeke, outplayed Supa Hot Crew’s Moopz. Fnatic’s AD Player Rekkles showed superior positioning and mechanical skills in the game with the aid of Support YellOwStaR. Fnatic overwhelmed Supa Hot Crew for the victory.

The final game was between Millenium and SK Gaming. Millenium’s Mid Player, Kerp, shined in this match with a dominating lead on the champion Fizz versus his counterpart, SK Gaming’s Jesiz. Despite being behind, SK Gaming held off Millenium for lengths, the game slowing down until a final brute force push allowed Millenium to take the game.

With the games finished, Fnatic still holds the top slot at first, ROCCAT takes second place and Gambit Gaming follows in third. Copenhagen Wolves moved up to fourth this week, knocking SK Gaming down to fifth. Alliance pulled up to sixth place, now at 2-4. Millenium now sits at seventh place at 2-5,and Supa Hot Crew is in last place with a 1-5 record.

The next EU LCS game begins on Thursday Jan. 30 at 10 a.m. PT with Gambit Gaming taking on Alliance.

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