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ESPN Films 30 for 30 BluRay

/ Jun 24th, 2011 No Comments

The 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN was widely acclaimed as some of the greatest sports-related documentaries ever made. Now this series, which used to only be available on DVD, is available on 1080p BluRay media, exclusively for purchase at Best Buy stories. This 30 film series is a perfect gift for the sports enthusiast in your house and even if you aren’t a big sports fan, you’ll most likely find these extremely human stories riveting and compelling.

This BluRay set of 30 for 30 made by ESPN Films comes in a very compact set and offer 1080p visuals and Dolby Digital surround sound. Although there are a lot of discs in the set, the packaging itself is extremely compact and well design. Each disc has not just the movies on it but also extras associated with each film. These extras typically show off extra interviews and other comments made by those in the film that ended up on the cutting room floor.

This is the first time we’ve been able to watch the ESPN Films 30 for 30 series in stunning high definition, the way they were originally aired on the network. All of the films look back at the last few decades in sports and bring a new angle to the story you may not have known. In all of the films, tons of original footage was used and most (if not all) of the people involved with the story were interviewed for their candid retelling of the tale. Often times you will see the title of the film and as a sports junkie, think you have the whole story memorized in your head. When you fire up the movie and watch it through, you’ll find more often than not that the storylines bled so much deeper than you ever really knew.

ESPN Films 30 for 30 BluRay

ESPN Films 30 for 30 BluRay

Some of the better films in the series include The Band That Wouldn’t Die, The Two Escobars and Pony Excess. There are also some really fascinating stories to watch with The Legend of Jimmy the Greek, Jordan Rides the Bus, Four Days in October and Winning Time. Personally speaking, stories like Kings Ransom and Straight Outta L.A. were ones that hit home being native to Southern California and being raised in a home that rooted for Wayne Gretzky and dealing with a father who wore the colors of the Raider Nation. Every time you start watching a movie, your perception of what actually happened goes so much deeper, if not gets flipped completely around. Even for subjects I might not have had a big interest in before watching the film, I became absolutely engrossed in the story while watching. It’s for this reason that these films really can appeal to the non-sports fan.

Each time you watch one of these films, you feel like you become part of the story and it’s extremely special to see those part of the story contribute in the form of interviews or providing original footage of events. The blend of filmmaking from all 30 filmmakers was done superbly and as someone that loves cinema and sports, this is the absolute perfect marriage.

The audio and video quality of this BluRay set is outstanding and it’ll definitely show off your home theater system. Although some of the footage in the movies might be outdated, the interview sequences shot in full high definition look magnificent. It’s a big difference from the DVD set and if you are on the fence between buying the BluRay set or the two DVD sets, there’s no question that this one is a much better buy.

Overall, ESPN Films 30 for 30 on BluRay is an outstanding piece of sports filmmaking that will be cherished well into the future. Each one of these films is magnificently made and rich with true-life storytelling magic. The extras included offer some added footage and insight into the story, furthering the overall value of this set. If you are looking for the absolute perfect gift for the sports fan in your house – look no further.

Overall Score: 5/5 Stars

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Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson

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