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ePillow Review

/ Dec 22nd, 2012 No Comments

ePillow Review

ePillow Review

ePillow Review

Many people who have tablet devices, such as an Apple iPad or other “large” size table have problems holding the unit for long periods of time due to the sheer size and weight. While this might not be a problem for small form factor tablets, most people that own larger ones, such as a fourth generation iPad, would agree that long reading or interactive sessions with the tablet get difficult. With that need in the marketplace, there’s been a rise in peripherals catering to making the tablet experience much easier and comfortable.

Enter the ePillow from Veyl Products, which is just that – a small pillow that has a pouch in the front of it shaped so that a tablet can sit on it comfortably. The ePillow is 18″x11″ in size and also comes with a 3-inch pocket in the front that can hold a variety of things, such as earbuds or a cleaning cloth. The ePillow offers a unique, patented design, with the goal of making the tablet reading (or watching) experience more comfortable.

The ePillow comes in a variety of colors, include brown suede, black, aqua, pink and red. The unit runs for a higher than expected $24.95 on various online retail websites. Using the ePillow is a hit or miss experience, depending on where you are using it and how you are positioned. On the couch, it fits comfortably in your lap facing upwards and won’t shift at all. Situated at a 45-degree angle, for example, while laying in bed is a completely difference experience. The ePillow is incapable of remaining at the angle you’ll need it at in order to see the screen. It’ll require you to either bring up your legs and hold the pillow into place with your knees, or get creative on how your comforter will rest behind the ePillow.

Chances are you’ll understand the need for the ePillow before you buy it and have a really good idea if it fits your tablet use case or not. We can attest to the quality of the pillow – it’s well made, feels great and definitely has your iPad feeling snug in the pouch. The variety of colors is a nice touch as well, so for the money, you’ll be getting a very nice pillow that might make your reading experience a lot better on the couch, on a plane, or in the car.

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Niloufar Gibson is part of the GI news team and has been associated with the site for a number of years. She primarily covers consumer electronics and mobile devices and also handles much of the social media duties for Gaming Illustrated.
Niloufar Gibson

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