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Elgato HD60 S Review: Catch and Release

/ Jul 7th, 2016 No Comments

Elgato HD60 S

Streaming and capturing game footage has become a major phenomenon. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have streaming and capture capabilities, but these options are rudimentary. Anyone looking to capture high quality long-form footage or have more control in terms of streaming will be at a loss.

Luckily, Elgato has been providing capture solutions for the budding YouTuber for years. The Elgato HD60 S not only provides superior game capture ability, but also offers easy and robust ways to stream your game footage with a quick and easy setup.

Out of the Box

A huge benefit of the Elgato HD60 S is it’s basically ready to go out of the box. Outside of having to download the Game Capture 3.2 software from Elgato’s website and an extra HDMI cord that you should already have, the package comes with everything you need: the device, an HDMI cord and a reversible USB-C connector.

Elgato HD60 S

The Elgato HD60 S is a sleek and compact device.

It is an easy process to set up the device. Just follow the writing on the device to put the HDMI cord from your system into the input slot and plug the supplied HDMI cord into your TV. Then connect the HDMI cord from your console or other device into the output port. Finally, plug in the USB type-C into a 3.0 port on your PC and into the device.

Once setup is done, all that’s left to do is configure your software to the quality you want to record, what device you’re using, and where you want to save your clips.

Quality Capture

The major problems with capturing footage directly from your console is the quality and length. Consoles can only record for a short amount of time, which is fine for smaller moments, but it is impossible to capture longer clips for Let’s Plays or to edit more professional pieces. When clips are exported, the quality is highly compressed.

Elgato’s capture devices have always produced high quality, crisp footage, and the HD60 S is no different. Its capture software offers users the ability capture footage in a wide range of resolutions and frame rates from almost any system that can be hooked up by HDMI (PS3 cannot be captured due to built-in HDCP).

Elgato HD60 S

After hooking up three cords, you’re basically ready to capture and stream with the Elgato HD60 S.

Users can also capture footage for a substantial length, making it excellent to record Let’s Plays, walkthroughs or large chunks of footage that will be edited rather than streamed.

Of course, this high-quality footage will take up significant space on your hard drive, so if you are saving HD footage, be sure to have ample space available.

Stream with Ease

One of the newer features of the Elgato line is the ability to stream directly through the device and software suite. This is also easy to set up.

Once you have the device hooked up properly, all you have to do is add the login information for the streaming service you want to use. Elgato works with YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion and UStream, and you can easily switch between accounts after linking each service.

Streaming is as simple as the press of a button. Through the included software, users can add live webcam footage or commentary to their streams. The software also allows users to insert their own graphic inlays or use a number of templates that come with the software.

Elgato HD60 S

The software provides users with powerful tools to take their streaming up a notch.

While the setup for everything is simple, it takes some time to tweak the stream to your liking. Playing around with the microphone volumes, camera or graphics placement, and game audio volume is necessary to get your streaming up to snuff. But even the tweaks and customizations are made easy and intuitive with the software.

For those that prefer using OBS to stream, it is still possible to use it with the HD60 S, but requires some additional steps to set up and configure.


The Elgato HD60 S is a superior game capture device. It is a snap to set up and use with a simple, yet powerful software suite. The device has a sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand, resulting in easy storage and it doesn’t take up much valuable desk real estate.

While the streaming capabilities through its software can be hard to use at first, once you master it, you can stream with a few button presses. It’s biggest strength is its ability to capture high-quality, uncompressed long-form video, and it does that superbly.


Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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The Elgato HD60 S has a sleek and compact that won't hog too much desk real estate.


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