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EA SPORTS UFC Coming to Next-Generation Consoles Spring 2014 | Gaming Illustrated

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EA SPORTS UFC Coming to Next-Generation Consoles Spring 2014

/ Jun 13th, 2013 No Comments

[adsense250itp]UFC was announced for Spring 2014 release by EA SPORTS this week at E3. UFC will feature EA SPORTS’ new gaming engine EA SPORTS IGNITE. How will IGNITE impact UFC? IGNITE features new facial animation technology which will give in-game characters the capacity for more expression and emotion which will communicate a greater sense of awareness and intelligence in opponents. A Precision Movement locomotion system also powered by IGNITE will ground fighters eliminating unrealistic slipping and sliding across the canvas. Physics-driven movement will deliver realistic action with overall transfer of energy from the ground up delivering greater impact through believable strikes and takedowns. IGNITE combines better rendering, run-time physics, animation, intelligence, locomotion and online EA systems to create a more realistic sports gaming experience.



Before the announcement of UFC, the closest one could get to actual MMA fighting was actually MMA fighting with real punching, kicking, grappling and real cuts, bruises and missing teeth. MMA is a strenuous, physically and mentally demanding sport. In the ring, fighters combine multiple disciplines of martial arts and boxing with lightning fast strategy and decision making. EA SPORTS designed UFC to give the gamer an MMA experience as close to reality as possible. Licensed fighters in the game will have changing goals and fight plans based on their real-life tendencies and each fight situation. Fighters will also adapt to different fight plans as real fighters would when a change of strategy is necessary. Gamers will experience full body deformation which will move and displace the fighter’s flesh in real time. Players will witness firsthand the strength and impact of every strike.

Contrary to many fighting games, a good fighter with good strategies doesn’t wait for their opponent to whittle them down with a barrage of combos. A good fighter looks for and creates opportunities for a heavy power blow. With a non-linear damage system, UFC edges closer to reality again as big damage can come from a single strike. The system will also produce a greater variety of true-to-life cuts and bruises which in addition to full body deformation will give the gamer better visual feedback and data which the player can use for quicker decision making.

UFC will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A trailer for the game can be viewed below.


Alexandra Mangen
Alex is a nerd who "loves loves loves" gaming. She's a huge FPS gamer but also dabbles in RPGs and MMOs. If it's entertaining and well designed, she's game.
Alexandra Mangen
Alexandra Mangen

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