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E3 2013: PS4 Press Conference Re-Cap

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New PS4 Models

[adsense250itp]After the typical Sony montage, Jack Tretton appeared on stage to thank the fans and viewers. He recapped the software library for the Vita and its owners’ buying habits. More than 85 titles are planned to launch in the next year. The Walking Dead will come to Vita this summer with a special bundle including the first season, bonuses and the new episode 400 Days of Summer. The Vita will be used to play PS4 games over wi-fi via remote play.

They showed off a new sizzle trailer for The Last of Us. Tune back in Friday for Gaming Illustrated’s Review of the highly anticipated game.

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer was shown with a new trailer showcasing more of the unique art style. A new trailer shown for Rain showed some of the footage from the gameplay walkthrough earlier at GDC. it will be out on PS3 in Fall 2013. A new trailer for Beyond: Two Souls was shown with more footage of the main character’s training and storyline. Graphics look greatly improved from Heavy Rain and the game features much more combat than the previous title. It will be available on October 8.

A full trailer for Gran Turismo 6 played displaying the new cars, maps and looks of Sony’s follow up to its successful racing franchise. The game features a new physics engine, new tire simulations, new suspension model, new aerodynamics model, adaptive tessellation and a new rendering engine. The cars raced in many exotic and beautiful locations. The footage looked too pretty to be PS3, but the new engine for the game and its capabilities might be that powerful. It is hard to tell if it is pre-rendered or not. No release date was announced.

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

Batman Arkham Origins showed a new trailer with Black Mask as the main villain, putting a bounty on the Dark Knight’s head. A darker tone seems to permeate this iteration, as Batman faces off against multiple villains, including the Joker, and pulls no punches. The large roster of enemies should provide plenty of content. Exclusive content to the PS3 is shown as Nightfall and 1960’s Batman. Batman Arkham Origins will be available in October.

Sony announced an exclusive Grand Theft Auto 5 bundle with a special GTA headset for a $299 price point. Tretton announced that all titles shown for PS3 will launch by the end of the year.

Andrew House came out to talk about the PS4. A console of unparalleled powers with social features and cloud based computing. House talks up the design reveal and then introduces a promo video for the PS4 design done in the typical blue and white video style. It is a pretty little box. House introduced the product designer and thanked him and the design team for their dedication. Promises the PS4 to be a completely new PlayStation, but keeps the focus on games. Sony is striving to keep solid and innovative media services. Services focused on pleasing fans and will continue to do so. Now It is time for Sony and their TV vamp. Oh, Xbox One Reveal, how long ago were you?

Michael Lynton came on stage to show off more entertainment options with Sony Music and Sony Pictures integration throughout PS Network and PlayStation 4. Music Unlimited will be revamped with help from artists such as Jack White and Daft Punk. Sony Pictures is at work at a new programming strategy to pipe exclusive content to PlayStation Network geared toward gamers. Expect more music and movies on the service.

Video Unlimited will be available on day one for PS4 allowing people to rent and buy movies through the system. As well, Music Unlimited will be available day one for people to buy or stream on PS4, Android or Apple devices. Continued work with Netflix to improve the service on Sony systems. Redbox Instant by Verizon will be available soon to US owners. Flixster will also be available on the platform.

Shu Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, came on stage to talk about development strategy for social media and new IP’s. Worldwide Studios is composed of 14 studios around the world.

Santa Monica Studio and Ready At Dawn displayed a new IP called The Order. Based in 1886, the steampunk shooter has a European setting as players hunt werewolves. Exclusive for PS4, no release date announced.

Updates on four new titles announced at February Reveal. New play throughs for the games will be posted on Sony’s facebook. They are showing new highlights from the games shown off at the Reveal.

killzone sf

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall had a new trailer featuring new tech and environments. Much more lush forest landscapes add color to the game, contrasting the mostly grey and blue footage shown in February. InFamous: Second Son showed a new trailer, with more story elements and footage from gameplay. The new character is a much more relatable and youthful character. Gameplay elements ranged from explosive to stealth. Lastly, Sony gave an update on Knack with more footage of the gameplay and visuals. A short trailer compared to others.

Shu confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Knack will launch with PS4 while InFamous Second Son will see a Q1 2014.

Real-time footage of Quantic Dream’s PS4 title, The Dark Sorcerer. Which uses the impressive technology that David Cage showed off at the reveal. The trailer shows an older sorcerer with goblin servants declaring revenge on those that wronged him. Magicks happen and the old man casts spells. Impressive for real-time footage. As the sorcerer almost reaches casts his major spell, he slips up and the reveal happens. The scene’s reveal is to be a sound stage with a green screen showing it is part of recording a game. More on The Dark Sorcerer will happen at Sony’s booth at 1pm on June 11.

Adam Boyes came on stage to talk about third-party relations. Super Giant Games’s Amir Rao and Greg Kasavin came on to show Transistor. As with Bastion, Transistor features a beautiful original song and while the footage is similar to the PAX East reveal trailer, but with some added footage. The game will release in early 2014.



Boyes talked about Indie section on the PSN store and mentioned self-publishing on PS4. He then introduced some new additions to PlayStation family: Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja), Tribute Games (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Mercenary Kings), Young Horses (Ocotodad: Dadliest Catch), and Switch Blade Monkeys (Secret Ponchos), Ragtag Studios (Ray’s Dead), Outlast, Oddworld Inhabitants (Oddworld New and Tasty PS4), and 17 Big Games (Galak-Z). These indie titles will make exclusive console debuts on PS4.

Diablo 3 will have exclusive items from other PlayStation franchises. More items will come from Blizzard in the future. The game will debut on older consoles sometime in September and later on PS4.

A video message from Tetsuya Nomura came on to debut the new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII with a massive amount of gameplay. The game looks incredible. Final Fantasy Versus XIII logo ended the trailer and was quickly replaced with Final Fantasy XV. Nomura announced that Versus XIII will now be a new Final Fantasy and the fifteenth entry in the long running series. Shortly after, a teaser for Kingdom Hearts III was shown with some quick gameplay and its status as in development. Final Fantasy XIV will be an exclusive to PS3 and PS4. Both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will both be PS4 titles.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag makes an appearance with Producer Arno playing the first live demo of the game. The demo features a hugely impressive amount of detail on PS4. Kenway walks through a pirate camp similar to prior Assassin’s Creeds. The demo had a bit of issues with stability. Loading is a problem with the demo. The gameplay is showing a focus on stealth and sneaking with stealth kills. After chasing down the traitor through the trees, he drops down on them killing them both and then ambushes two soldiers. After that ships from the sea start to bombard the camp and Kenway must escape the carnage to his ship and take to the seas. The demo ended with a huge naval battle against an armada of ships. Kenway has to board ships and take out tons of enemies. The game demo was plagued by lags and crashes ultimately forcing the game to stop before finishing the demo.

Watch Dogs followed its older brother, a new demo came on showing Aiden having to a friend named T-Bone and after a series of missteps, he has to avoid the police to save his friend. Aiden hides in a car to escape from patrolling helicopters and police. Driving, Aiden must be careful not to tip off police to his presence or the cTOS. Stealth car gameplay was a big feature of the demo. Aiden hacks the cTOS to find T-Bone’s location. As he tells T-Bone to leave, enemies enter and Aiden is using his phone to hack the systems inside to aid T-Bone’s escape. This shows the range of Aiden’s hacking capabilities to create different gameplay experiences. The demo ended with Aiden escaping the police by boat. Watch Dogs will launch with an hour of extra gameplay and an exclusive costume on the PS4.

Both Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch Dogs will feature exclusive content on both PS3 and PS4 systems totaling around an extra hour of gameplay. Aveline from Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation will return in Assassin’s Creed 4 in three exclusive missions available on both PS3 and PS4 systems. Watch Dogs will feature four additional missions focusing on a faction fighting for freedom in the digital age. Aiden Pierce can help the faction to take revenge on Chicago Tech Mogul who did them dirt. Completing the missions will unlock a special suit for Aiden.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

NBA 2K14 had a trailer highlighting Lebron James and the new player models.The video showed all in-game footage, which looked very crisp. There was a weird Lebron James talking to video game Lebron James and everyone should have felt uncomfortable.

Sony announced a partnership with Bethesda to introduce The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda played a new trailer for Elder Scrolls Online, showing new footage of the many environments and character models, as well as enemies and bosses. The Elder Scrolls Online beta will be available exclusively first on PS4. The game will launch in Spring on PS4.

A cinematic trailer of the new Mad Max game was shown. It was brutal seeing Max showing no mercy to a downed psycho. The title is published by Warner Bros. Interactive and developed by Avalanche Sutdios. It will feature open-world third-person action gameplay. The game will debut in 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 with an announcement of exclusive content on PlayStation 4.

Boyes brought back Tretton out and he announced that more than 140 games are in development for the PS4. 100 will be out in the first year, and 40 will be exclusive. PS4 will support unrestricted used games. Games can be lent to friends and traded in, purchased used games and play offline. It does not require authentication or online checks.

Sharing Games on PS4

Sharing Games on PS4

PS4 will support cross-play chat, live stream, PSN will continue PS Plus support and expand benefits (PS Plus membership will carry over to PS4). PS Plus will cover all systems: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita enjoying all current benefits plus PS4 online play. PS4 will launch immediate free access to DriveClub PS Plus Edition (a huge triple A title for free!), as well as Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos.

Tretton introduced Bungie and Activision and the premiere of Destiny’s gameplay. It showed the Warlock class exploring a bombed out arid environment. As the Warlock moves through the game, the Hunter class is introduced. When they move through the dungeon they encounter many Fallen. The gameplay is fluid, detailed and features impressive lighting techniques. After the dungeon, they run into a Titan class who can use heavy weapons. An enemy ship warps in and it is about to go down in a public event, the Fallen Assault. This allows a separate team to join in the hunt. The demo ended with a ton of players taking out a huge score of enemies, and showed some story elements.

Warlock Armor in Destiny

Warlock Armor in Destiny

A discussion about the mention of Gaikai at the event in February led to an announcement of the cloud gaming service to come in 2014, allowing streaming gameplay to a library of critically acclaimed titles from the previous generations.

A final announcement came with the price of $399, available this holiday season (Which means November).


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