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E3 2005 Report

/ Jun 19th, 2005 No Comments

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for 2005 began in very dubious fashion. Although it is selfish to report how poorly the media were treated this time around, it’s part of our experience and will be done nonethless, as our readers at the very least might get a kick out of the ordeal. We decided to register on the spot, a process that usually takes all of 10 minutes to do. So we stood in the heat for an unfathomable three and a half hours … and finally got in. Brutal.

Impressions from Sean Gibson, Executive Editor

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Unless you live inside a dark box at the botton of the ocean, you noticed that both SCEA and Microsoft announced their next generation console gaming systems. Although Microsoft’s announcement was expected – many felt that SCEA’s announcement of the PS3 was the much bigger surprise. Indeed, the scope of the hardware and demonstration proved that Sony’s eye and trigger finger had been ready for some time with this amazingly well designed console system – that will come in three different colors!

After viewing the demonstration video, all antendance members aplaunded in excited fashion – SCEA had done a heck of a job putting together some amazing clips of upcoming titles. The hardware specs, as reported.

Microsoft – XBox 360

The big story of course from E3 2005 is the announcement of all the new consoles. The one coming to market first is Microsoft’s XBox 360 – a totally new internal architecture with a new design on the outside. Unfortuately, there was only one title we got to see at the entire show that was in any semblance of working order – EA’s “Need for Speed” which looked interested, but not noteworthy. The demonstration provided by the XBox staff did present that amazing amount of power this console system will boast after production…

Crave Entertainment – Poker with Annie Duke

Since poker is so big these days and I have such an extensive background with poker (having played with the WPT), I was elated at the opportunity to check out the new title from Crave Entertainment “World Championship Poker 2” as well as play no limit Texas Hold’em live with one of the top players of the day – popular Annie Duke. I had a tremendous time talking and playing with Annie who is as gracious, kind, and fun as she appears on television.

Inside this edition of the game features 14 types of poker, with different levels of simulation for players of various skill levels. The create-a-player feature lets you create your own player, while an RPG-like skill system will allow your character to grow. On PS2, WCP2 features EyeToy USB Camera support and online play.


One of the more popular, and deservedly so, game publishers today is Activision – who announced some fantastic arrivals for 2005, including the Gaming Illustrated “Most Anticipated PC Game of E3” – “The Movies”.

We were able to get an in-depth tutorial and walk through of “The Movies” which looks to be one of the most interactive, deep, and interesting PC titles of all time. If you’re a movie buff or just like “sim” games, then this is going to be your big treat. You start out as a movie mogul building a studio, and as you gain money, you develop movie stars and purchase sets and other items to build certain types of movies. You hire writers, you have crews, you control the whole thing – including the ability (if you want to) to create your entire movie and all its aspects! The level of detail and the tens of thousands of items at your command inside the movie maker was stunning. Easily, this game is going to catch fire since you can actually save the movies you make as AVIs and send them to friends. The rep also mentioned that contests that will win prizes will be regularly held on-line to support what promises to be a large gaming community. This will be what looks to be a must-have game for PC enthusiasts.

Also on the slate from Activision included True Crime 2 (city TBD), Fantastic Four (supporting the movie release), X-Men Legends 2, Shrek Super Slam, and Call of Duty 2, all promise to be quality titles released in upcoming months.

Madden 2006

Although writers like GI’s Carl Armstrong might be enraged that EA has literally a monopoly on the football gaming market, there’s no denying that the big franchise of the industry won out. Does this mean less innovation for gamers to experience? That has yet to be determined.

However – we did get an in depth preview of Madden 06, which offered up some new features and impressive graphics as always.

Reflecting the focus on the passing game for the first time in ten years with the all-new QB Vision Control and QB Precision Placement, Madden looks to address what some gamers felt was a real shortcoming of accuracy in the game when it came to passing. After talking Xs and Os with one of Madden’s production team members, we were fairly impressed with the new Vision Control (which can be turned off if you end up hating it). It seems this year’s title was less about “new graphics” than originally thought (although they look fantastic) and more about improving the AI – which should definitely please football gamers. 

The people of E3

Of course – the most interesting thing of E3 is all the goofy people and pretty attractive models wearing some of the most ridiculous outfits you’ll ever see. Click to enlarge …

Sean W. Gibson

Sean W. Gibson

Founder, Featured Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sean Gibson has been the owner and Executive Editor of Gaming Illustrated for over eleven years. His roles include acting as CEO and President of Gaming Illustrated, LLC and also includes being a reviewer, previewer and interviewer. Sean's opinions on this site do not reflect those of his full-time employer.
Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson

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