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Dying Light Pre-Orders Come with Be the Zombie Mode | Gaming Illustrated

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Dying Light Pre-Orders Come with Be the Zombie Mode

/ Aug 30th, 2013 No Comments

Dying Light Review

[adsense250itp]Players who pre-order the upcoming zombie survival title Dying Light will receive exclusive access to the Be the Zombie PvP mode, developer Techland and Warner Bros. announced.

The exclusive PvP game mode will put players in the shoes of the game’s predators. It will be the only PvP game mode found in Dying Light.

In Be the Zombie mode, gamers will stalk their prey as a night hunter. Night hunters are rare, lethal zombie mutations who possess deadly skills including superhuman speed, distance attacks and a special charge. Gamers will be able to navigate through the game world using a tendril attached to the night hunter.

The night hunter, who is a nocturnal creature as his name suggests, is an fast, agile zombie equipped with special charge and distance attacks.

Be a Zombie mode will allow players to earn experience points and advance the night hunter through a special skill tree, gaining upgrades along the way. Gamers will also be able to earn rewards and perks through the game mode.

Dying Light is an upcoming first-person zombie survival game originally announced in May. While Techland has experience creating zombie games with the Dead Island series, Dying Light is a different take on the zombie survival genre.

The game centers around a dynamic day/night cycle. During the day, players will scavenge for goods in order to bring back to a group of survivors and search for items that can be used as weapons. But players who get caught searching for goods too long will have to deal with the hordes of zombies who come at out night.

Players also have the ability of parkour as they can explore the game world in a style similar to Mirror’s Edge.

Dying Light is expected to release sometime in 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. No firm release date has been announced.


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