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Driveclub E3 Impressions

/ Jul 12th, 2013 1 Comment


[adsense250itp]Gamers who have a devout need for speed will finally have their thirst quenched by the upcoming release of Driveclub. Developed by Evolution Studios, Driveclub combines some of the best elements present in racing games while aspiring to take them to the next level, ultimately focusing on providing one of the most revolutionary multiplayer gaming experiences possible. Players will be able to set up future races on mobile phones and tablets, send out invites to friends for upcoming in-game events, and even plan out competitions with other players from around the world. The concept is literally redefining the way that racing games will be experienced when put into comparison to how much this genre has evolved based on the emergence of next-gen technology.



For those who have previously played games such as MotorStorm, Driveclub is going to have some fairly contrasting differences. The game focuses greatly on road racing instead of off-road circumstances, more noticeably. Players will be able to manage racing teams on their own or together with other players via the use of the sharing features that are being incorporated into PlayStation 4. During gameplay, there are a number of objectives that need to be achieved; players may be asked to maintain a significantly high average speed, drift around during a turn, or other challenges that prove to become a little more complicated as the race progresses on each track. At the end of each section, results are compared against other players that are present on the team to determine a win or loss. An overview with the percentages of challenges that have been won and lost are presented at the end of the race. The game is said to have a fairly expansive amount of tracks to choose from, although there are some additional opportunities for those who already feel as if they won’t be able to get enough of this game upon its release — those who are PlayStation Plus members will have access to a special edition of Driveclub which will provide them with a different selection of cars and tracks to choose from.

The social aspect, as well as the ability to manage certain features from a variety of devices are two elements that have garnered a lot of attention for Driveclub since its initial announcement. These are concepts that will ultimately allow for players to race with people from around the world and provide them with the luxury of being able to set up their upcoming gaming experience from devices which have literally become necessities within the past decade. This only furthers the incentive for players to use the game because it provides them with the opportunity to continuously be involved with aspects of the gaming experience whenever they have free time. For the first time ever, gamers won’t have to wait until they’re near their console to set up that new racing competition with their friends.



Based on some of the demos that have been shared briefly online, it would seem that Driveclub is definitely being developed to appeal to those who have an unbridled appreciation for almost every inch of that one specific car that they’ve always dreamed of racing. For example, one player who experienced a demo noticed that the Hennessey Venom GT that they were racing in the game was so intricately detailed, it even featured an entire interior that had been replicated to match the same beauty of the actual car in real life. Other elements of the game also strive to be fairly realistic in this regard; tracks will look as if they have experienced wear and tear from years of use, races are set in incredibly responsive environments, and backdrops of surroundings are detailed to the extent that players will feel like they are truly present within the racing experience.

The incorporation of responsive environments is something that gamers from all genres of enjoyment will be able to appreciate. As many already know, there’s nothing that kills that sense of realism more than the sudden realization that your character has done something in-game that certainly should have left some noticeable marks of destruction despite how the environment seems to remain pristinely untouched. This is more of a noticeable issue in racing games from previous years because players were able to collide into other cars and objects without any visible damage occurring within the environment. Thankfully, next-gen technology seems to be working overtime to make our gaming experiences far more realistic this time around, making it an ideal match for a title like Driveclub. If players crash into a barrier or collide with other cars, there will be noticeable damage. Affected objects will deform upon impact — and for the most part, collisions tend to follow more realistic physics.

One of the greatest aspects about Driveclub is that the majority of what has been seen publicly of this game showcases the results of concepts that are currently still in development. It’s very likely that if certain features of the game are already impressive based upon what we’ve seen at E3, these elements will only be present in even higher quality by the time of the game’s actual release. Destined to be a hit among racing fans everywhere, Driveclub is set to release later this year.


Elly Vicieux

Elly Vicieux

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Elly (aka Vicieux) is a writer, editor, model and blogger based in Washington state. Her long term goal is to earn a PhD and work as a psychologist. She can most commonly be found in the company of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Agent 47, Alucard, and her posse from Saints Row.
Elly Vicieux

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