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Draw Jump HD for iPad Review

/ May 20th, 2011 No Comments

Draw Jump HD for the iPad is a highly addictive game that offers adorably cute graphics and a short learning curve to create a fun gaming experience. The game’s main character is Cosmo, a tiny cute little red rocket that flies into space, who doesn’t use rocket fuel to fly. Instead, he uses your drawing ability of tiny lines to bounds up into the sky and into space. The game is very easy to play and gamers of all ages are perfectly suited for this title.

Draw Jump HD for iPad

Draw Jump HD - Sunflower Power

The game runs for $2.99 at the Apple App Store for the iPad, offering “HD” level graphics. These graphics are actually really well done and the art direction goes for the whole cute japanimation theme and pulls it off really well. When Cosmo is going up he smiles and when he’s going down he looks seriously sad. The levels are done really well artistically and there’s a nice variety of zones and obstructions to make progressing in the game worthwhile. You’ll go into space and fly next to Suns and hopefully bounce into sunflowers which give you an extra boost when you fill up the queue. The sounds are pretty standard and didn’t really do anything amazing for us, but the graphics really were a major highlight.

Draw Jump HD is physics based and conceptually speaking users will be drawing small lines underneath Cosmo to create a trampoline effect so that he bounces further up the screen. In terms of user action, that’s just about all there is in terms of controls. There are some obstacles in the game that “suck you in” and you have to tap them to let you go, ideally upward. If you fail to draw in the right spot, Cosmo will fall and presumably die and the game will be over and you’ll have to start all over. Points in this game are calculated by the number of meters you’ve travelled. The more, the better and along the way you’ll find crazy obstacles like wood planks, stars, sunflowers, hot dogs, fingers and other weird objects.

In terms of game-play for Draw Jump HD for the iPad, it’s highly addictive and a lot of fun. It’s perfect for both the iPhone and iPad platform since the game is very simple the grasp, fun to play and has a high degree of cuteness to it. You also have some social media integration by being able to post your score to the “hall of infamy” or to Facebook or Twitter if you so desire.

Draw Jump HD

Draw Jump Links

Overall if you’re looking for a fun game to load up on your iPad that looks good and is extremely easy for gamers of any ability to play, Draw Jump HD is your title. It’s reasonably priced at under $3 and offers great graphics and fun game-play.

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