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Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition Announced | Gaming Illustrated

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Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition Announced

/ Jul 2nd, 2013 No Comments

Dragon Commander

[adsense250itp]Larian Studios announced a collector’s edition for Divinity: Dragon Commander for PC. The Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition will be available for those who pre-order the game at no extra charge.

The special edition of the game will include free content such as DLC and other digital goods made available on release day. In-game content includes a golden skin for a Dragon Emperor as well as a bonus campaign in which dragons fight over control for the world. This edition of the game also comes with a behind-the-scenes documentary video, a remastered soundtrack by composer Kirill Pokrovsky and an overview of all of the possible choices and consequences within the game. Those who pre-order the collector’s edition will also have immediate access to the game’s beta through Steam.

On the day of release, a download key will be available to those who have pre-ordered the special edition of Dragon Commander. Those who do not participate in the pre-order will still be able to grab the contents from the Imperial Edition as separate DLC.

As of now, the collector’s edition is available through The Larian Vault, Steam,, GOG and for those who pledged through the game’s Kickstarter.

Pre-orders from GOG will not include access to the beta. As compensation, Larian Studios will be offering a free copy of Divine Divinity to those who pre-purchase through the site. Pre-orders on GOG will additionally include the RPG Master of Magic.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is an upcoming fantasy game From Larian Studios that blends real-time strategy elements with action in which players are able to control armies and dragons. Modes will include single-player, co-op and multiplayer via online or local network.

The game is scheduled to be released for PC on Aug. 6 for $39.99. A version of the game is also being planned for Mac with no specific release date as of yet.

For more on Dragon Commander, check out an interview with game director Farhang Namdar.


Eric Mar

Eric Mar

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Eric's first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System at the age of four and has been a big time gamer ever since.

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