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Dirt 3 (Xbox 360)

/ Jun 30th, 2011 No Comments

Dirt 3 is the dirt rally racing game from Codemasters that offers up intense action and stunning graphics for one of the best racing sims on the market today. When it comes to off-road car racing, no series is as highly acclaimed as DIRT and with the release of DIRT 3, Codemasters has proven yet again that they are capable of taking an already excellent game and making it even better. With more cars, more locations, more events, and more routes than any previous installment, this game goes above and beyond to really give gamers a new experience without taking away all that has been so well loved about the previous installments. This third installment features the best vehicles from the past five decades of off road racing.

One of the best things about DIRT 3 is the controls. Driving mechanisms in the game are highly responsive, and you will find that even the slightest changes in terrain can be easily felt. Changing terrain requires a great deal of concentration and control, and tight braking is critical to success in this game. There are a ton of choices in the game when it comes to figuring out the events, disciplines and cars you can choose from. The main tour in the game is sectioned into four seasons which gets the max number of races up to a pretty high count. Because there are so many locations, track changes and event types, you’ll often find yourself replaying races over and over because they are so much fun and you want to improve your score. All in all, the driving experience in DIRT 3 is exceptionally realistic and probably the closest many of us will ever get to hitting three digit speeds on a Kenyan back road.

Dirt 3 Review

Dirt 3 Review

The graphics certainly help to intensify the driving experience, and you will find that not only does weather affect visibility, but an ill timed splash of rain on your windshield thanks to another driver can really make things stressful. This is without a shadow of a doubt the sexiest Dirt game ever released. Many players have found themselves on the side of the road after spending a split second too long checking out a magnificent background sunset or looking at distant fireworks. The weather effects that have made the franchise famous are back and as good as ever, from (appropriately enough) dirt, to snow to a ton of mud, you’ll really enjoy the environmental impact of the game on your races. The backgrounds are absolutely jaw-dropping and the pure attention to detail is something that gamers are sure to notice in this title.

DIRT 3 is gaining plenty of attention for sound as well. You can hear every fan in the crowd, and even the snow beneath your tires lets out a familiar and highly realistic crunch as you fly down the track. There’s great engine sounds, fans screaming and amazing impact sounds that sound awesome if you have a 5.1 surround sound system to go with your Xbox 360.

There is, however, one change that fans may not enjoy. The game’s familiar currency is gone, with players instead earning new vehicles by advancing through gameplay. The newest cars always offer the best bonuses, which means that if you are particularly fond of a car you get early in the game, you will have to choose between fewer points or driving a different car. This is certainly not enough to dampen the sheer thrill of DIRT 3, however, and with so many remarkable rides to choose from, players will end up wanting to try them all.
While replays are missing in Dirt 3 there is the very cool ability to upload your race to YouTube straight from the game, limited to 30-second clips. The replays can’t be saved either which doesn’t make much sense, but that’s just how it is.

If you want a hot looking racing game, then look no further than Dirt 3. It looks gorgeous, plays amazing and has a ton of content inside that make for a deep gaming experience. Thanks to a lot of variety in the game there’s a solid replayability factor as well. In a nutshell, this is by far the best game so far in the Dirt franchise.

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entertainment factor 8 out of 10 for entertainment
longevity rating 8 out of 10 rating
audio and video rating 10 out of 10 rating
overall score final score 86%


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