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Diamond Multimedia Shows Off New Peripherals at CES 2013

/ Jan 24th, 2013 No Comments

Diamond Multimedia Android Media Player AMP2000

Diamond Multimedia TAB360

Diamond Multimedia TAB360

Diamond Multimedia, manufacturer of multimedia devices and peripherals, kindly invited Gaming Illustrated to take a sneak peek at their Spring 2013 product line at this year’s International CES. Better known to avid PC gamers for their powerful AMD Radeon™ based graphics cards, Diamond Multimedia produces a number of peripherals, home networking and entertainment devices. Their CES 2013 suite was adorned with several of their existing devices and upcoming releases.

First up on the tour was the refreshed TAB360 tablet gaming wheel/stand. Diamond updated their TAB360 design with customer feedback in mind, and it now features two points of articulation. In a brief hands-on demo, the turning felt smooth and the extra joint seemed to lend itself to more versatile gameplay. Up next, Diamond displayed their current generation wireless PC-to-TV streaming and HD gaming capture devices.

[adsense250itp]Gamers who rely on the strength of their Wi-Fi network may want to keep an eye out for Diamond’s new wireless range extenders. The WR300NR is a portable 802.11n wireless range extender/repeater that can also act as a router and wireless bridge. The device is compact and plugs directly into a wall outlet. The WR300NSI has all of the same features of the aforementioned range extender, but adds a “received signal strength indicator” that allows users to determine the strength of the signal coming from the router.

Also on display was the new BizView BV750 graphics card designed for working professionals. It’s designed to give business users more power and flexibility in their day-to-day machines. It features a low profile design and dual monitor support. They’ve also updated their Radeon HD 7700 line with the mid-range 7750PE51G graphics card. For the audiophiles, Diamond’s XtremeSound HD PRO audio card could be a welcome addition to their setup come this spring. It supports 7.1 channel output, HD Audio Link, and has a built-in headphone amp.

Speaking of audio, Diamond is working on a refresh of their Mini Rocker portable speaker line. The MSPBT300 Bluetooth speaker features a micro SD card reader and a built-in mic for taking hands-free calls when paired with a mobile phone. The micro SD reader and playback control buttons allow the Mini Rocker to act as a stand-alone MP3 player. The speaker itself is rated at 3 Watts and it features a built-in, USB chargeable lithium battery that should provide up to 10 hours of playback.

Diamond Multimedia Android Media Player AMP2000

Diamond Multimedia Android Media Player AMP2000

The latest addition to Diamond’s Android Media Player line is the AMP2000. It runs on Android 4.0 (Jelly Bean) and is “fully compatible” with Android apps. Streaming is the big feature of this device and it supports Netflix, Hulu and other streaming video apps. The player comes with a wireless keyboard remote with built-in touch pad. It also supports full HD 1080P playback and is HDMI 1.4 compliant.

Diamond also showed off a handy USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter, the UE3000, that allows MacBook Airs, ultrabooks and other products without an Ethernet port to plug-in where wireless connectivity isn’t available. Lastly, Diamond’s Plug n View surveillance camera system was on display. Where other surveillance systems can take hours of set up, the Plug n View was designed for ease of use and is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.

Diamond Multimedia’s CES 2013 suite was chock full of multimedia gadgets and networking goodies that will all be available by this spring.

Joe Van Fossen

Joe Van Fossen

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Joe Van Fossen is an avid gamer, film nerd, and unabashed gadget geek. When he's not playing games, watching movies or gadgeteering, he's writing about it (or he's off playing music in some seedy bar somewhere in L.A. or Orange County).
Joe Van Fossen

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