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Diamond HP500AV AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit Review

/ Feb 14th, 2014 No Comments

In an age obsessed with wireless networks, the spectrum slowly becomes more crowded and prone to attacks and leeches. With the added benefits of security and speed, a wired home network is the preferred method, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

Rewiring an older home is expensive and running cables out of windows or through exterior walls is unsightly and cumbersome. Enter the Diamond HP500AV 500Mbps AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit, which utilizes the existing power lines within the walls to connect two devices. Early iterations of the same technology have been around for a few years and have been marred by plenty of drawbacks, but recent releases have shown promise. How does the Diamond stack up?

Build Quality

Not much to talk about with the build. The adapters are essentially two plastic boxes with a single ethernet port and a few lights to indicate power and connectivity. They aren’t meant to be shown off or even seen for that matter. Function is the name of the game.

Symmetrical prongs allow for the adapters to be plugged in upside down if necessary, as they take up some space. The recommended setup is plugging directly into a wall socket, into which they fit fine. Users will probably have issues finding a spot for these on a standard power strip.


The setup could not be easier. Plug it into a wall. Plug the Ethernet cable into the only port on the box. That’s it. Yes, it really is that simple. When the lights all illuminate, the connection is complete.

Diamond HP500AV AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit

Diamond HP500AV AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit

With multiple tests over several distances, our tests not only showed no reduction in speed, but similar speeds to the hardline. With various setups – including ethernet switches, routers and devices – the Diamond HP500AV proved just as capable and reliable as the cable.


At an MSRP of $49.99, the HP500AV is still a significantly larger investment than a Cat5e cable, but the performance and ease of setup make the price easier to swallow. Offerings from other manufacturers range from $50-$60 with similar bandwidth ratings, and prices drop for slower network speeds. For those who hate running cables out of windows or like to keep things tidy and hidden, the cost is easily justified. It all comes down to each individual situation.


The Diamond HP500AV is an easy recommendation to anyone looking to rid their home of wires without sacrificing speed or security. It is one of the easiest products to set up and maintains the same speed as conventional wiring systems. Cables will always be cheaper but with the bandwidth capabilities and the ease of use that the DIAMOND offers, there really is no reason to stick to the old ways.

Chance Asue

Chance Asue

Associate Editor & Multimedia Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
Chance Asue is a self-taught computer builder and hardware junkie. His favorite game franchises include Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. He is Gaming Illustrated's Multimedia Specialist and reviews the latest hardware tech.
Chance Asue

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



Does exactly what it claims with the reliability and speed of a hardline. A quick and simple way to rid the house of feet of Cat5e cables.


Nothing that will make you unplug it and show it off to your friends. Just good, solid construction and decent materials.


A decent asking price for its performance on the lower end of the spectrum for similar models. For cleaning up the home network, $50 is reasonable. For those who don't mind the cables, it is a stretch.