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Diablo 3 Hero Profiles Launched by Blizzard

/ Aug 10th, 2012 No Comments

Diablo 3 Hero Profile
Diablo 3 Hero Profile

Diablo 3 Hero Profile

Several months after the release of Diablo 3, Blizzard has launched the latest addition to, Hero Profiles. These give you the ability to sign into your account and track the progress of your Diablo 3 characters all from the comfort of your web browser and are very similar to World of Warcraft’s Armory but with less features, for now.

The addition of these Hero Profiles will give players the ability to view their progression through the game, detailing things like how many acts have been cleared and how many bosses have been defeated across all difficulties. For those who are curious as to how much time they have actually spent clicking that mouse and how many beasts you have slain throughout that time, you can see the total time you have played and how much you have played each of your characters. All this is visible on the career tab.

Through the heroes tab you will also be able to see how each hero is doing individually. Showing all the important things that you need to know, from how well geared you are, what gear you have in each slot and how high you’ve risen your attributes. You will also be able to see what skills make the current build of each hero as well, and have the ability to change things around to see what difference it will make.

To make things even better, not only will you be able to view the stats of your own hero but you will be able to share them with your friends and see how well they are actually doing as well. With the ability to click on a players battletag from the forums and view their stats or just look through your friends list, you will be able to compare your gear, stats, runes and everything else with them. Making it a lot easier to call out your friends when they lie about how far they are or how awesome their gear is.

Blizzard has turned this into a super easy way to share and compare everything with your friends and refine your heroes as you make your way through Diablo 3 and according to them, this is just the beginning. With more features on their way, we will see things like an achievements tab, allowing you to view and compare all the achievements you and your friends have received and all those that you are yet to receive. A tab for your artisans will also be coming, showing all of their details including levels and hopefully what items you have available, a lot more detailed statistics will also be coming soon. Couple this with money you could make through our handy Diablo 3 Auction House Guide and you’ll be bragging about your hero and the money you make off of it!

As a nice little feature, it also shows your beloved hardcore heroes that have fallen in battle. Complete with a date of death and the level at which they died. Your companions will not go unnoticed either, with their own section detailing their gear and their stats.

If there is anything that players think is missing from the Hero Profiles, Blizzard’s web team is also taking suggestions over on their forums.

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