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Diablo 3 Error 37 and Error 3003 Prevents Logging In or Consistent Playing Time

/ May 16th, 2012 No Comments

Diablo 3 Release

Diablo 3 has been released and gamers everywhere are running into Error 37, Error 3007, Error 3005 and other such warnings preventing them from playing at all or for a consistent amount of time. So from our perspective here at, instead of providing gamers our take on the game and publishing a review, we’re stuck writing an article about how this release has not gone smoothly… to put it *very* kindly. Most of us, like you, are pounding our heads against the wall in frustration due to the many errors they run up against. We’re asking our fellow gamers to understand why we don’t have a Diablo 3 review for you at this time and instead will recap what some are now calling Diablo-gate.

On the support forums there is a sticky locked thread entitled “Current Login Issue – Error 75 / Error 37 / Error 3003” with a forum support agent from Blizzard posting that they are aware of the login issues people are experiencing and that the issue is being logged into and that they hope to have it resolved soon. The posting occurred approximately at 9pm PST on May 15th. The posting has yet to be updated 18 hours later.

Visiting the “Known Issues” sticky locked thread “1.0.1 Known Issue List – Updated 5/14/12” post revealed that for that “It is possible to get ERROR 37 (The servers are busy, please try again) when logging in if the servers are under heavy stress…” and they recommend that the servers are busy and that “you should try again, so please try again in a minute or so” – however according to many in the forums, waiting a few minutes doesn’t help the issue.

Since none of us are able to play without stabbing ourselves with a thumbtack in frustration over not being able to get in we’re suggesting instead to check out our Diablo 3 Release Party article or just check out this video from the event…

Error 3007 relates to a Lost Connection and 3005 maps to a Player has Disconnected error that many gamers are running into either when they log in or minutes after they log in and get booted. It would seem these errors are a direct result of server overloads, but in some forums on the Diablo 3 website (hosted by they are trying to trace the problems to potential issues related to firewall settings, antivirus software and even router and modem models. All this strikes gamers as being incredibly odd since we’ve all being playing World of WarCraft and StarCraft II just fine. Why would Diablo 3 be any different at all? Clearly, that’s an answer that potentially defies reason given that Blizzard VP Rob Pardo himself at the launch event said development on this game started back in 2003.

Some of the fixes listed in the forums submitted by users seem to be more voodoo than anything else. Many say that joining “general chat” helps get more playtime in a session before getting booted. Others report that this “fix” doesn’t actually do anything. What you will see after trolling the official forums is that Blizzard is getting flamed like never before. Quite frankly and understandably, there are a lot of angry Diablo 3 fans voicing their frustrations.

The silver lining here is that the memes haven’t been this good around reddit in quite some time. Our personal favorites include…

Error 37 Meme

Error 37 Meme

Diablo 3 Error Meme

Diablo 3 Error Meme

Another D3 Error Meme

Another D3 Error Meme

Blizzard’s PR department has yet to officially make a statement about the Diablo 3 launch fiasco. In the meantime, gamers are going back to whatever it is they were doing before the Diablo 3 release when they were planning to waste their lives away with what looks like an amazing game (we’ll see!). Stay tuned to Gaming Illustrated for more news on Diablo-gate as it breaks!

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